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Breville USA, Inc is a subsidiary company of Breville Group Limited (collectively, “Breville”).

Breville believes conducting business in a socially responsible manner is an important goal and recognizes that best practice is to operate in compliance with applicable national laws wherever it conducts business. This includes respecting and supporting international principles aimed at preventing and eradicating slavery and human trafficking in supply chains and treating workers with respect and fairness. Throughout its global operations, Breville is in favor of following high standards of ethics and corporate responsibility. Breville expects its affiliates and business partners worldwide to meet the standards of conduct set forth in the Breville Ethical Sourcing Requirements which has been communicated to Breville’s supply chain vendors. Management, employees, and other agents who fail to comply with Breville’s Ethical Sourcing Requirements may be subject to appropriate discipline up to and including termination. Breville’s Ethical Sourcing Requirements also provide guidance on topics including health and safety, freedom of association, freedom from harassment or abuse, and ethical conduct of suppliers.

Breville seeks to ensure that members of its supply chain comply with internationally proclaimed standards and applicable national laws for human rights. Breville requires all its vendors and suppliers agree in writing that materials incorporated into products supplied to Breville comply with Breville’s Ethical Sourcing Requirements. Suppliers and vendors are also required to be in compliance with the laws of the countries in which they do business. Vendors must also ensure that any of its factories or subcontractors used in manufacturing any product sold to Breville must also meet the same standards. Breville reserves the right to not do business with any vendor which does not comply with Breville’s Ethical Sourcing Requirements.

Breville does not currently systematically engage in verification or conduct audits of all of its suppliers and vendors. Nevertheless, Breville is working to create and implement a formal program which may include verification of its supply chains, an audit system including timeframes and expectations, additional supplier certification, an employee training program on human trafficking and slavery and/or a combination of these tools. Breville anticipates that its plan will prescribe consequences for failure to comply with its social responsibility and ethical conduct expectations.

As Breville’s compliance program evolves, Breville will update its disclosure as appropriate.