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Travel mug and coffee cup are not included.

the YouBrew®

With built in grinder and adjustable flavor control

The first coffee maker that tailors the brew for a cup, travel mug or carafe.

The culmination of over 5 years of research into coffee and coffee lovers, the YouBrew® navigates all the variables that make your perfect cup.

Customize your brew strength with 7 settings that increase the amount of ground coffee, as well as your flavor profile with 5 settings that vary the steeping time of the coffee and water. The integrated burr grinder then grinds your choice of beans to the optimal size just prior to brewing for maximum freshness, flavor and aroma. The unique BrewIQ® System ensures the right amount of coffee is dosed with the right amount of water while heating the water to the optimum temperature; then gives you the flexibility to brew directly into your favorite cup, travel mug or the included thermal carafe for weekend entertaining.

A top-fill water tank ensures easy filling, and a swing-out door allows for convenient access to the removable coffee basket for cleaning. Coffee basket includes a gold-tone filter and is also paper filter compatible.

The YouBrew® is made with BPA Free Materials*.

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  • Additional Features

    BrewIQ™ System doses the right amount of coffee with the right amount of water while heating water to the optimum temperature
    0.5lb bean hopper and integrated burr grinder
    12-Cup (60oz) top-fill water tank
    Angled control panel for easy viewing
    Large, backlit LCD with brewing progress and water level indicator
    Swing-out door with safety interlock prevents operation if the door is not closed
    Removable coffee basket for easy filling and cleaning
    Adjustable strength settings - 7
    Adjustable flavor settings (only available in 'Single Cup' setting) - 5
    'Carafe' setting with brew pause feature - up to 12 cups (60oz)
    'Single Cup' setting - from regular to extra-large cup size
    7.5" clearance for tall cups and travel mugs
    Adjustable 'Ready' signal - high, low, mute
    Programmable clock and Auto-Start feature
    *BPA Free Materials - all parts that come into contact with coffee and water

  • Included Accessories

    12-Cup (60oz) double-wall stainless steel thermal carafe
    Gold tone filter
    Cleaning brush for burr grinder & coffee chute

  • Voltage

    110 - 120 Volts

  • Wattage

    1100 Watts

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Innovations

    Brew IQ® System
    Doses the right amount of coffee with the right amount of water while heating water to the optimum temperature.

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May 13, 2013

4 Months, 2 550's & 2 600's

"I'm reviewing both the 600 and the 550, since I've own two of each inside of 4 months...

Love the coffee the 550xl made. It did seem to use quite a bit of beans, but I can't complain about the coffee it brewed.

I can complain, however, about having to return this unit 3 times in 4 months, I am not happy. I am on my 4th Youbrew. The first two were 550xl's, then I traded up to the 600, thinking the Thermal might have less heating and electronics to fail. When I brought the 600 home (since the 2nd 550 failed Mother's Day Morning), it failed on its maiden voyage. It brewed 2 cups out of a 10 cup water selection, then stopped. I took it back to the store for another 600 and the people behind the counter thought I was crazy for sticking with the product.

All 4 of these units were purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond, and they told me that they get alot of returns on this product, but usually after about the 3rd return, they don't see the people returning for replacements. Her logic was, "It probably just takes 2 or 3 returns to get a good one." Or, customers are probably moving on to another brand. (Dare I say it... Technivorm anyone?) Honestly, we were at Williams & Sonoma, looking at the Technivorm Moccamaster, ready to get our money back on the Breville, but I thought we'd give the 600 a try.

Once I got a working unit, it is making coffee the way I want.

It is even more embarrasing to me since I had been recommending this product to all my friends during the 1st month of ownership. One of my friends at work took me up on the purchase, and as soon as he brings his unit home, it was missing the brew basket. Now, everyone is teasing me about wasting my money on this thing, taking polls on how long this one will last. So, what I wonder, can be going on at Breville?

Time will tell on this latest one. I do believe that there may be some serious manufacturing issues on the YouBrews. It is hard to believe it could have such a high failure rate, or I've got the worst luck in history.

And, to those at Breville, I do appologize for having to write this poor review, but when we pay nearly $300 for a high-end unit, we expect quality, not hassle. If you know you have high failure rates, perhaps its time for a recall. Suck it up, do what is right for your customers."

April 10, 2013

great coffee every time

"The coffee is very consistent. Once you set up for your perfered strength it makes perfect coffee. The timer is easy to use, the bean hopper is easy to fill, and the water is easy to fill to the right level.

The flexible quantity of coffee that can be made eliminates waste. The design of the filter and basket is easy to clean. I used to buy my coffee at a coffee shop, but since I got the You Brew no coffee measures up.

What a terrific piece of equipment."

December 11, 2012

You Brew coffee maker

"I have had this coffee maker for a few months now, but waited to write a review until I had used it long enough to make informed comments.

Prior to purchasing the You Brew, I considered a Nespresso pod coffee maker. I read reviews about it, but in the end decided that I did not want to be locked into buying pods, nor only being able to brew one cup of coffee at a time. Although that would be sufficient for daily use, I didn't want to have to have a second coffee maker to brew coffee for guests. Nor did I want to jump on the "fad" wagon.

I also read the reviews on this website regarding the You Brew. When I read the negative reviews about the metal carafe being too heavy, opening too small, having to tilt it nearly upside down to get the last bit of coffee, and the coffee not being hot enough, I was concerned. When I discovered that Breville came out with the same coffee maker with a glass carafe, I decided to check it out. I went to William-Sonoma and talked at length with a person well versed on the workings of the machine.

The carafe: I decided to purchase the You Brew with the metal carafe. The main reason was that I have broken glass carafes in the past, and it is a pain to replace them, not to mention, expensive! As for the opening being too small, if you need to clean it with soap and water, use a bottle brush. Frankly, I just rinse it with warm water. It's not as though it gets dirty! The coffee stays hot in the metal carafe for at least 2 hours. The problem is not with the carafe, it is with the porcelain or ceramic mug you use! That is what absorbs the heat and causes the coffee to cool down too quickly. I have an electric water pot that I turn on at the same time I turn on the coffee maker. When the coffee is finished brewing, I pour hot water into my mug to preheat it for a couple of seconds, and then pour my coffee. If this is a step you don't want to go through, then use a metal mug like the ones they sell at Starbuck's. As for having to tilt the carafe to get the last bit of coffee: REALLY? Give me a break! The coffee does not spill out if you pour a tad bit slower. Yes, the metal carafe is a bit heavy, but it needs to be in order to keep the coffee hot. It's not that it is TOO heavy, it is just heavier than the glass carafe that most of us are used to.

But what actually persuaded me to buy the You Brew with the metal carafe is the fact that it doesn't have a hot plate. I can't count how many times I've burned the bottom of glass carafes by leaving too small an amount of coffee in it and it burns before the hot plate goes off.

I will admit that I do not use the grinding portion of the machine, so I can't speak to the comments made by other people. I buy coffee at Costco and it's just easier for me to grind it all at one time.

The bottom line, in my opinion, this is an amazing coffee maker and well worth the price. In fact, William-Sonoma honored a 20% off coupon I had for Bed, Bath & Beyond!

I also own a Breville toaster oven, and based on the quality of that appliance, I was convinced that Breville manufactures products meant to last."

December 11, 2012

Breville You Brew

"My husband and is had been using Cuisinart coffee maker with the built in grinder everyday for about eight years. We kept seeing the You Brew Coffeemaker advertised and longed for one. Since the Cuisinart kept working we could not justify the cost of the You Brew. However, the Cuisinart quit working so off to the store we went. We have not been sorry.

This coffee pot makes the most delicious coffee. We use French Roast beans that we buy at Costco and they work great. I agree with the person who stated that the third setting out of seven works great for us. We like our coffee quite strong and this works. The heavier settings made bitter, too strong coffee for us. Besides that it swoops up the beans. Our former coffeepot took forever to brew the coffee and this machine does it in a short length of time. Putting the hot water in the carafe works just right, too. Using the one cup feature is unique and a good feature. Unfortunately we have the Breville one cup maker which makes that machine superfluous.

I agree with everyone about the carafe. It does keep it hot. However, the Cuisinart had practically the same design. It pours okay for the first cups, then one needs to remove the lid and in the process make a mess when pouring the remainder of the coffee. It is true; too, one can never totally empty the carafe.

It is easy to clean. Should you use vinegar or other acceptable cleaning agents once in a while, be sure to run at least two, but preferably three pots of clear water through it. Otherwise the coffee has a weird taste.

We love this You Brew and hope it lasts as long as our Cuisinart.


November 18, 2012

Best coffee maker we've had

"We just bought this coffee maker last week, and so far we love it. It's replacing our Cuisinart burr grinder grind 'n brew (I don't know the model number). And the keurig.

First I'd like to address the complaints I've read frequently:

1: the coffee is not hot enough. this is simply not true. My instant read thermometer read ~195.

2: the coffee is not strong enough. I disagree. My husband likes his coffee STRONG, and even for him the middle strength settings are plenty.

3: non-adjustable grind settings- it does seem to use a lot of coffee, but, if that's what it takes for coffee this good, I'm ok with it.

4: the carafe is hard to pour- maybe it is, but, I think that's the nature of a thermal carafe. (and this one is actually much better than the cuisinart one.) If this is that big a problem for you, look at the youbrew glass model. For me, the ability to keep the coffee hot for hours far outweighs the minor difficulty in pouring. (also- if you keep the top on and pour, you really can get almost every last drop out. if you take the top OFF, you leave more behind.)

5: it's hard to clean. Again, I disagree. It would be nice if the filter basket could go in the dishwasher, but really it hasn't been a problem. The plastic must be hydrophobic, because I find that a quick rinse and all grinds come right off. That's my entire cleaning regimen: I dump the filter/grinds out, and then rinse the finger basket/lid with hot water. sponge and soap every few times. The carafe gets a rinse with soapy water. It honestly couldn't be easier. (I have not been fussing over gaskets or wiping the chute inside... it's been fine.)

6: it's too big. Well, it is pretty big. But it fits under standard cabinets just fine and is not a problem for us.

Now, my only gripes:

1: I'm surprised a machine of this caliber does not have a built-in water filter. I wish it did.

2: I wish the bean hopper was bigger, and/or there was some sort of bean sensor- we've started it a few times and has miserable weak coffee because it was out of beans and we didn't know it (since it's set back under the counter and kind of hard to see.)

3: The carafe doesn't not keep the coffee AS hot for AS long as the cuisinart does. (We lost power a few weeks ago, and the coffee I'd made before it went out was STILL HOT the NEXT DAY). This one keeps it drinkably hot/warm for 4h or so, but could definitely be better.

But overall- this is a great machine that definitely outperforms it's nearest competitor, and I think all the complaints people have are vastly overstated. (or maybe they got a lemon machine).

October 23, 2012

Perfect except for the carafe

"First I must say that for the past six months this machine has given us the best coffee we've ever made. It loses a star just for the carafe.

First the positive:

The coffee is hot -- I too measured it with an instant read thermometer at 200 degrees. And the one thing the carafe does right is keep it hot. Just follow directions and fill the carafe with hot water (hot tap water works fine) and let it stand for about 30 seconds. We have found that after even three hours the coffee does not need reheating.

The coffee can be as strong (or weak) as you like it. If you can't get your coffee strong enough you either have a defective machine or you need to just eat the beans! After much experimenting with different beans and settings, we have settled on just the third (out of seven) strength setting. In the single cup mode at the most intense and bold settings, the coffee was so strong as to be undrinkable to us.

The coffee tastes great! The flavor released from the coffee being ground immediately prior to brewing is incomparable. That said, as another reviewer noted, you must choose your beans carefully. The old supermarket standard (what time is it?) turned out bitter. We did not have to resort to gourmet suppliers however -- we achieved excellent results with the local wholesale club's store brand.

Brewing in carafe mode is fast -- less than one minute per cup. Single cup mode takes longer due to the steeping step. Brewing four cups (20 oz.) in carafe mode is faster than brewing directly into a 16 oz. cup.

Once you've read the directions, the machine is easy to use. Clean-up also could not be easier -- just be sure to dry the brew basket thoroughly before you brew again.

And now the negative:

Other than the fact that it keeps the coffee hot, the carafe is the worst design ever! As many have noted it is impossible to pour the last few cups without completely inverting it and watching coffee splatter on the counter. It is also the only difficult part to clean since the opening is too small for any adult hand. The carafe is such a major flaw that Breville needs to redesign it and offer replacements to current owners at a discount.

One other small gripe: In this day and age it is almost inexcusable to have removable parts that are not dishwasher safe (everything is "hand wash only.")

All in all, we are incredibly happy with the YouBrew. We've had no problems in six months of daily use and it appears to be built to last a lifetime.

October 11, 2012

Issues with design

"I liked the machine. Wish they had resolved a few more kinks before putting it on the market.

Here are a few that I would like to have been better.

1. Carafe should be redesigned. Apart from what others have listed, one cannot empty the carafe completely. There is always residual liquid even when it is held upside down.

2. The coffee basket after brewing does not drain into the pot fully. It leaves a fair amount of water/coffee in the left over grind that when one removes it. Would have preferred a drier ground left behind in the filter.

3. The machine being tall, when a short person tries to fill the water, tends to splash all over. Relook at the "adding water" container. Not the best design.

September 23, 2012

Awesome machine, possibly overly complex instruction manual

"I am not a seasoned coffeemaker user - this is my first grinder, and my first fancy machine. I started reading the instruction manual at about noon on Sunday, and by 10 o'clock that night finally felt competent enough to attempt to use it.

I'm not kidding - the manual is incredibly explicit and even a little strident. For a coffee maker this expensive, it makes sense that you would want to use and clean it with care. On the other hand, a key point in the instructions for setting the timer was missing, and that was disappointing. Ending up with six cups of coffee at 10:30 p.m. wasn't the end of the world (and you better believe we refrigerated it for iced coffee the next day), but that one little error seems uncharacteristic.

I agree with the other reviewers: the design of the carafe is terrible. Certainly don't use it to fill the water tank - you'll be very frustrated and will wind up wasting a lot of water. Filtered water, too. And then the wasted coffee is tragic, especially when the coffee that emerges from this machine is truly amazing.

My final comment is that you're advised to run warm water into the carafe prior to brewing your coffee. My problem with this is that because I program my machine to start while I'm still asleep, I can't do that. Is it truly necessary? Why not just make a carafe that keeps the coffee warmer, if that's the issue? For the money you pay for this (beautiful) machine, making getting that carafe right doesn't seem like rocket science.

All that said, I am confident that this well-made coffeemaker, if I use and maintain it as instructed, will last me forever. I look forward to many years of delicious coffee. "

September 5, 2012

Did Not Like the Carafe

"I bought the You Brew in November 2011 when it first came out. I mostly used the one cup feature but occasionally used the carafe, especially when having guests for dinner. Although I really loved the machine, the carafe was a pain. It was difficult to clean and almost impossible to dry the inside of it. What was worse was trying to pour coffee out of the carafe. Terrible! Today I finally gave up and bought the new You Brew with the glass carafe. That carafe works beautifully so I am happy about that in spite of having to spend so much money. The coffee the new machine makes seems to be stronger even on the lowest setting and I don't like truly strong coffee. It's easy to fix since I just add more half and half. Breville does for the most part make really great products, and I have a lot of them. They should have offered a choice at the beginning of either a thermal carafe or a glass carafe, but I assume they only went the glass route when they discovered a lot of people didn't like the thermal carafe. I hope I can sell my thermal version. "

August 29, 2012

No Coffee Comes Out

"I bought this unit in late July 2012, and used it until Aug 29, 2012. It worked fine. Love the single cup feature and the ability to custom blend the coffee until I found perfection.

However, on Aug 29, it stopped working. No water would come out. I tried all the troubleshooting, and called for support. The coffee maker was exchanged very quickly. Now I have the new one, and will have to remember what my custom brew settings were. Not a problem, I will have fun finding them again.

One thing I did notice with my first unit was that about 70% of the time, I did not get a full cup of coffee. Then other times it would be full to the brim. I am using paper filters, maybe they are just too tight. Don't know. I will see if my new one has same issue.

This is the best grind and brew coffee maker I have ever owned, and I would recommend it to anyone that likes freshly ground coffee.


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