the Smart Waffle™ Pro 4 Slice

4 Slice with no-mess moat and Waffle IQ™

The Waffle Maker That Knows the Correct Cooking Time

Good waffle batters start with sticky ingredients. How do you make crispy golden waffles without the mess ?

The wide wrap around moat catches and cooks overflow for easy cleanup.

With Waffle IQ™, the cooking time is automatically calculated to suit your waffle style and color. 

Simply select  Belgian, Classic, Chocolate or Buttermilk, your preferred color from light to dark and pour in the waffle batter - the waffle maker will do the rest.

There is also a custom setting which allows you to set your own waffle style.

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  • Capacity

    4 Slice

  • Controls

    Waffle type select allows you to choose from 4 different batters and a custom setting
    Browning control allows you to customize your waffle color from light to dark with 12 different settings

  • Nonstick Surface

    Premium PFOA-free non-stick prevents waffles from sticking

  • Additional Features

    Thermal engineered heating elements ensure even heat distribution. Timer and progress indicator will automatically begin to count down once the lid is closed. A Bit More™ adds additional time to get your waffle just right without having to reset the timer.

  • Included Accessories

    BPA-free dosing cup for easy no-mess pouring

  • Construction

    Stainless steel housing with cast aluminium cooking plates. Deep cooking plates for thicker, fluffier waffles

  • Voltage

    110 - 120 Volts

  • Wattage

    1800 Watts

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

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January 9, 2016

Great (though redundant/confusing 'type' controls)

"Great waffle maker, and very consistent, and easy to keep clean.

Only reason for removing a star (I would make it 4.5 if I could) is because of awkward, redundant, and unclear controls, and would like the product designers to improve in future versions.

The different settings for Belgian, Classic, Chocolate, Buttermilk, and worst of all, Custom, are confusing, and seem to make no difference. And there is no documentation about them, or what they do at all. It seems all they do is change the base time.

In reality, the darkness setting is the most useful and important setting, and the "type" ends up being ignored. In other words, the "waffle type" is confusing, redundant with lighter/darker, and doesn't seem needed. I have ended up just using "Classic" and finding the lightness setting that I like after experimentation.

While trying to figure out what the settings did, I found this review: http://www.thekitchn.com/the-smart-waffle-4slice-from-breville-product-review-197104 I found this review to be very accurate, and the opinions stated in there aligned with mine.

Otherwise, great product! The moat is excellent.. And the flexibility of the darker/lighter is very welcomed and works well.


March 3, 2014

Epic Waffle Maker is EPIC!

"We've had this - I'm calling it the King of Waffles - sitting on our kitchen counter for a while waiting. We just used it last night and HOLY WOW am I impressed. It is IMPOSSIBLE to mess up a waffle with this thing. The moat around the plates is enough to get me to buy this one over any other model. Even if you pour too much mix in none is wasted. Instead you wind up with fun little pancake sticks in the moat.

Controls are easy and make sense. Solid construction. Little grip pads on the bottom to keep it in place though I doubt you'd need them as it's a hefty waffle king. Absolutely worth the price as it looks like it will be the last one we ever need to buy. Assuming Breville doesn't come out with one that mixes & dispenses the batter too lol.

My only gripe, and its a very small one mind you is I wish the measuring cup matched the 4 slice model. The one included looks to be the same as the one for the 2 slice. So it's pour/measure twice, fill chambers separate. There's a moat, skip the measuring cup and just pour it in. Breville, if you're watching, make a 4 cup measuring cup. I'll order. "

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