the Personal Pie™

Different palates like different pie fillings. Some people like sweet, others prefer savory. This pie maker allows you to make 4 individual pies, instead of one large pie.

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BPI640XL $79.99
  • Capacity

    Four Pie Molds (4" diameter)

  • Additional Features

    Power 'On' and 'Ready' lights
    Edge crimper seals the pie with decorative trim
    Locking latch
    Easy Clean, Non-Stick Surface
    Horizontal and vertical storage
    Cord wrap for neat counter

  • Included Accessories

    Pastry Cutter
    Pastry Press

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


  • Notes on Features

    Four 4-inch pie molds turn your favorite sweet or savory fillings into a quick dessert meal or snack.

    Pastry Cutter cuts the pastry tops and bases to perfectly fit into the pie mold. Smaller end of the cutter for the pie top, larger end of the cutter for the pie base.

    Pastry Press assists in pressing down the pastry base into the pie mold.

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September 5, 2011

Helpful Hints

" just bought this yesterday and used this morning. I am a professional and I have found a few helpful tips to make the pie-making process go smoother with this appliance. For the sake of ease, I used Pillsbury refrigerated, rolled, pie dough for both top and bottom crusts.
1. The longer I had it on, the better it performed. The third batch definitely was better than the first.
2. After one batch of experimenting, I decided to cut all of my pie circles and then chill them for 30 min. prior to putting in the machine. I know it says to use room temp. dough, but I found chilled dough browned better and yielded a more flaky, tender dough.
3. Use a ROUNDED 1/3 c. of filling. If you don't have them full enough, the top crust won't touch the top plates, therefore leaving them undercooked.
4. After removing from the machine, place pies on a cooking rack to cool. That way the bottom crusts won't get soggy. If you want to reheat them, do so on a cooking rack over a sheet pan in the oven.

~Breville Response~

Hello Diane,

Thank you so much for those GREAT tips on the Personal Pie Maker!

Though we don't actually recommend any one brand of dough to use, what we have found is that puff pastry for the top is pretty forgiving. It will puff up with the heat, brown nicely, and be very flakey.

We do recommend that the dough be room temperature just to make sure it cooks thoroughly and browns completely.

We do know that personal preference always plays a role in any baking experiment and our recipe's are just a guide line to get a standard result. It's so great to hear someone using those recipes and changing them up to make their own!

Thank you so much for those great tips and enjoy your baking!


July 7, 2011

works but not perfect

"I got the pie maker for my birthday. tried it. the ready light doesn't work and it burns the edges a little bit. other then that it works pretty good."

May 5, 2011

Perfect pies every time

"I got this pie maker last December but hadn't got around to using it till yesterday, and what a perfect pie it makes! I make my own savory pie crust and 11 minutes as specified in the instructions is perfect! The pies come out perfectly evenly cooked all around. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves pies."

March 24, 2011

Great Product once you master the secrets........

"I purchase and use premade pie crusts. The secret is to use ready made pie dough rolls for base, and puff pastry pie dough for the top. You do need to roll it slightly thinner. Once the pie is assembled and ready to cook I pierce one toothpick hole in the middle of the top. I close and bake for 7-8 minutes. This works!!!"

March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

"I love mine. My son gave it to me for Christmas (it was worth the wait for the mid Feb delivery). We have made lots of pies. My 90 year old father says I can make him a different pie each night. We have also made quiche that came out great. Hopefully you will have this back in stock soon as I have talked it up to many friends that are interested in getting one. One note - we have found that the items cook faster than the book says...check while cooking to avoid them from getting overdone. Pies are more like 5 or 6 minutes and 9 - 10 minutes on the quiche.

Breville Response -

Hello Peggy,

I'm so glad you are enjoying your Pie Maker. As these are exclusive to Williams-Sonoma, we are hoping to have stock to them soon, hopefully by mid May.

Thank you also for the information on the cooking times. We will forward that on to the appropriate people and make sure that this is taken into account on the recipes."

March 1, 2011


"I've looked all over the internet and the ONLY place I've found these pie makers is on EBAY for TWICE the retail price!

When are they going to be available either here or in the stores?
You've got TONS of people begging for this appliance, what's the hold-up?

And why don't your appliances come in different colors?

Apparently your products are in great demand.....if this were my company I would be producing these things in huge numbers and colors........

BREVILLE makes excellent products and I'm extremely happy with my BREVILLE STAND MIXER........it's making 100-200 cup cakes PER DAY for my company......

but I'm not sure anybody is listening or watching.......somebody please tell me I'm wrong.

Breville Response -

Hello Daniel,

We are so glad that you are enjoying your mixer! I promise you that we are watching and listening to all of our consumers comments, even negative ones. The Pie Maker has been a product in GREAT demand. So much so that, as they are a Williams-Sonoma exclusive product, they have sold out. We do have more coming in all the time but they are moving very fast. We should have more out to Williams-Sonoma by mid May as some were sent out to them just last week as well. Please keep checking back with them! "

January 14, 2011

Novel Use Beyond Pies

"For pies, you have to roll out dough to make crusty pies. Recipes that comes with the pie maker are all for pies. But, I had another use in mind when I bought it. Simple recipes as follows: Baking soft Asian pastries.

Sang Lee

Brush oil lightly the well (comes in 4) and the top using vegetable oil or Olive oil. Helps removing and turning over during baking. Pie maker heat periodically goes off then comes back to prevent burning. Don't be alarmed. Bake until golden brown and below the surface, batter is cooked.

1. Purchase, a ready made flower mix, sold in Korean groceries.
or, you can mix unbleached flours with water, add a tea spoonful baking soda and season as you like (not necessary for most people, pastry is sweet). Optional: Add a bit of sugar to batter if you prefer. Filling is very sweet then, skip adding sugar to the batter.

2. Buy Japanese Sweet Red Bean Paste (very sweet) in can called, "Ko ku Ra Anko). Major super markets sell them. Call before you go, to make sure they have. If left over, prevent drying. If dry, mix with a little bit of water. I bought mine from A&P, You can buy at a Korean groceries as well.

3. Mix flours with water and make a loose batter (Try the spoon coating test). It has to be fairly loose and pastry is soft, pliable. You don't want to cook a crusty pie shell type.

4. Pour the batter in the mold about 1/4 or 1/3 depth. Lay evenly Sweet Red Bean Paste flat over the batter. Make sure, about 1/4 " margin is left all around. Red bean paste must be covered by batter all around.

5. Pour the batter over the bean paste to the brim, covering the bean paste

6. Bake about 2 to 5 minutes until the cake can be moved around. Then, turn over using thin silicone spatula to brown the top side until golden brown. Do not burn, check donness by peeking in, lifting and check bottom surface. If too thin, bean paste will ooze out to the surface.

Looseness of batter must be just right. Test bake, trying two to three times just using one well for test baking until you like the result.

Option: You can buy Japanese Sweet Chestnut (Yo Kan) to substitute Bean paste. Try different jams for fillings. You can bake Chinese Din Sum, e.g. minced and seasoned shrimp filling, or thinly julienned chives, etc. You can season or dip into the soy sauce after baking as you eat."

January 2, 2011

Williams Sonoma is sold out! Please hurry up and supply more pie makers. Thank you.

"Please hurry and make more of these - we gave one to our son for Christmas and when we went to Williams Sonoma to get one for us they were sold out! We tried it before we gave it to our son and love it......"

December 27, 2010

What a wonderful Product!

"I am trying to buy the Personal Pie Baker, however it is sold out. My co-work love their. I have began to gather up a list of things to bake. All I need is to locate and buy one.


December 26, 2010

practice makes perfect

"My husband and I bought this piemaker for Christmas. I thought I could make some pies for the neighbors. I did read the instructions throughly before using the machine. The first set of pies were novel, the next set overdone, the next dry, but by the 4th and 5th times, they were getting pretty decent. Of course, we are really tired of pie and it wasn't until the 4th and 5th batches that I was not embarassed giving them to the neighbors.
I have rolled the top crust thinner and I like that better. I'm looking for more recipes. I know for me a little practice has improved the pies I've made. It's not as easy to use as a toaster but it is fun. Just don't plan on being "brillant" the first time you use it. If you are, then BRAVO for you! It's quality stuff and worth the money."

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