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A smaller version of our popular Smart Oven®. This 1800 watt countertop oven has smart features, but takes up less space.

Independent heating elements put the power where it's needed most. Elements adjust automatically for each of the eight preset functions to deliver the right cooking temperature at the right time.

Oven remembers personal preferences as well.

Presets include: toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, and reheat.

Product Dimensions: (L) 16.5" x (D) 15.5" x (H) 10.25" • 16.5lbs

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BOV650XL $179.99
  • Capacity

    12" (30.5cm) Pizza Capacity
    0.6 cu ft interior

  • Element IQ

    Element IQ™ puts the power where it’s needed most. For each of the 8 pre-set programs, Element IQ™ delivers the right power at the right temperature at the right time. And when adjusted for taste, it remembers that, too.

  • Pre-set Functions

    8 pre-set programs: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, and Reheat.

  • Nonstick Cavity Coating

    The walls on the inside of the oven feature a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

  • Additional Features

    Function Dial
    Temperature & Time Dial
    Temperature Conversion Button
    Frozen Foods Defrost Button
    Backlit Easy-Read LCD
    Pull-Out Crumb Tray

  • Included Accessories

    10" × 10" enamel baking pan
    10" × 10" enamel broil rack
    (25cm × 25cm × 25cm)

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


  • Notes on Features

    Element IQ™ puts the power where it’s needed most. For each of the 8 pre-set programs, Element IQ™ delivers the right power at the right temperature at the right time. And when adjusted for taste, it remembers that, too.

    8 pre-set programs: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, and Reheat.

    Backlit Easy-Read LCD calculates the correct time and temperature, illuminating orange during preheating and cooking and blue once the cycle is complete.

  • Innovations

    Element IQ™

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February 9, 2014

My search is over!

"Finally, a toaster oven that really works! This is in fact, THE BEST toaster oven I have ever owned. Toasts to perfection and has never disappointed me on any of its other features. Great job Breville! "

December 16, 2013

Well made product

"i've only had this oven for a month, but can report that it's well made and performs well, too. i use it mostly for toasting, and it does a very nice job, though at the highest setting it struggles to toast 3 english muffins (6 halves).

The one complaint i have is the legibility of the liquid crystal display. It is nearly illegible unless you're looking directly at it, which being low and on the counter you're usually not. You see multiple versions of numbers as if it were a kaleidoscope. It isn't at all like it appears in the photos on this site, where it appears to be a clean, clear display.

Fix this problem and you're near perfect (5 stars)."

November 15, 2013

Great oven and great Customer Service!

"I have had such a positive experience with Breville Customer Service! Two years after buying my product, I had a problem with a strange short in it. I immediately called Breville, expecting them to disregard my issues. Instead they stood by their product! They had me return my oven to them so they could examine the problem, and sent me a reconditioned, "almost new" oven (it looks brand new and functions well). I am so pleasantly surprised and confident that they will be there if I have any further problems or if anything goes wrong with my Breville coffee maker.
Now onto the oven. I love this oven. It really bakes. I bought it as a large toaster oven, but I have baked potatoes, corn bread, and anything else I wanted. It came in very handy last Thanksgiving, when I needed even more oven space, and could trust this one to cook as well as my main oven! I have not had any problems with the oven not being at the appropriate temperature after it was preheated. My items have cooked completely with a lovely browning effect just as the main oven in my home works. It is important to place the cooking rack on the appropriate level as stated in the directions, as well as taking care not to touch areas of the oven that get hot (also noted in the directions). Bottom line, read your directions and you will have a wonderful oven that cooks well, is easy to clean (very nice crumb tray), and is responsibly backed by its manufacturer!"

October 11, 2013

Stopped working right after warranty expired.

"Unbelievable. How do they time these things? It actually sometimes works which is really weird. In the beginning it was just certain settings that wouldn't work. Then it would stop working at all then the next day, it would turn on again. It's been off and on for a week now. It's just so undependable and I like my toast! Our family uses it more for just toasting and the occasional roast vegetables so it was really a little too much toaster oven for what we used it for.

When I purchased this, I thought I could get more use out of it without turning on the big oven but it didn't quite work out. Too small for some things and too big for others. I think I'll just get a smaller cheaper toaster oven. I did like all the accessories it came with but disappointed, since this didn't last me for more than just a smidgen over a year. "

August 23, 2013

great toaster oven

"I have had several toaster ovens and they were all just ok. When my last one went out (again), I started doing research and found this brand. It was more than I wanted to spend, but decided to just go for it and see if it got me a better toaster oven. Boy, have I been PLEASED!!! I cook a lot from scratch so I have tried just about everything in this oven and everything has come out beautifully. I have cooked homemade chicken pies, cornbread, casseroles, baked chicken, enchiladas, etc., etc. I have teenage boys so it has gotten its share of pop tarts, bagel bites, etc. as well and everything is fantastic. I will never go back to a "cheaper" toaster oven. I have full size Kitchen Aid double convection ovens and have cut down tremendously on heating up my large ovens. The Breville was worth every penny, and I will definitely purchase another one if I ever need to."

August 9, 2013

mini size not mini performance

"I don't have a full-size oven because my apt is so small. With this, I can cook essentially anything I can put together with my small counter space and you'd never know it came from a compact oven. Also, anything I've toasted in here can't compare to any other toaster I've had - the texture and evenness is just better. Unless you need the size of a regular oven for large or multiple items, you don't need one if you have this. Love it."

August 8, 2013

R.I.P... Plug burned against the back of the toaster...

"I liked my Breville Oven. A little big for my counter space, so I pushed it back towards the wall. Unfortunately, I found out when I tried to unplug it, that the cord had melted on to the back wall of the toaster. I asked my electrician if I could still continue to use the toaster, and he advised me not to.
I may have read somewhere in the literature about not putting it too close to the wall, and now I know why. Expensive toaster to learn that mistake. "

July 12, 2013

Great product until.....

"I purchased my compact oven direct from Breville.......for the most part I have been pleased with the oven's performance every day -- as a toaster, broiler, for small baking and roasting and toasting bagels to perfection.

May 29th I contacted Breville Customer Support to report an unexpected issue -- "the "broiler" ceased to function -- suddenly no matter what I tried, I can not get the broiler function to work -- the top heating elements do not turn on, the only thing that works when I select "broil" is the timer.

What do I do now with my Breville smart oven? Your instruction booklet does not address this situation in the troubleshooting section. I recently purchased your Variable Tea Kettle -- it has been marvelous so far, but now I am concerned that in a year or two I will be facing a similar problem with the kettle!"

I just re-sent my original email to Breville Customer Support; what are the chances that the second email will generate a reply -- of any sort -- much less a constructive solution?

I, as many of the reviewers here, thoroughly researched the available ovens available. It seemed the excellent reviews found on the internet (here and elsewhere) indicated the purchase would be worthwhile, and would be backed by a solid manufacturer. Was my purchase an incorrect one?"

June 18, 2013

Pass up the $179. compact and get the $249. full size

"While I am an avid Amazon buyer I bought my Breville at Williams Sonoma
I am a fan of Breville and own several of their appliances.

Bought this compact smart oven and exchanged it two weeks later for the full size model, heres why

The compact oven has two major design flaws:

1. the rack has no stops on the travel, the rack keeps on pulling out until it falls out, we all expect and count on stops, virtually everything has a stop at the end of its travel! so this is a surprise and being hot its scary as well, a hot oven rack with hot food on it sliding uncontrollably out of an oven, not cool at all.
The issue is made worse still because the inside of the oven is non stick and very slippery, thus the rack slides easily and uncontrollably having virtually zero resistance.

2. the feet are designed poorly, they do not keep the oven firmly on the counter, and because the unit is light it moves uncontrollably when you open the door, not a good scene.

The user is left balancing the oven on the counter to prevent the machine pivoting while opening the door, then balancing the food / tray on the rack and the rack from falling out, all at hundreds of degrees, just a bizarre oversight in design.

However, the unit does cook really well.

I returned the compact $179. model and bought the full size, $249. model, happy to say this model has the stops on the racks and is designed so it does not move around the counter when opening and closing the door.
The full size is an awesome machine, I suspect these where built by two different design teams, they are absolutely not the same machine in two different sizes as one might infer from the naming protocol.

Breville should consider recalling this compact model and modifying stops into it."

May 19, 2013

A Farewell to Microwaves

"I had been considering a convection oven for some time because of the shortcomings of microwaves. Having an extremely active day to day life traditional cooking is not always an option, but food from a microwave has always yielded this ethereal, somewhat unpalatable result. I bought the Breville oven with the notion that I would do a side by side comparison....with the less practical unit going into the kitchen cabinets or a closet. In short after using the Breville oven for the first time I ruled a "no contest" and the microwave is gone. Food tastes like food again....the sensation of heat feels natural and organic, and everything I put in the unit comes out with the taste and texture it should have. The few extra minutes it takes to heat food is of no consequence. and am sure that anyone discovering the advantages of this product would feel the same."

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