the Mini Smart Oven®

Element IQ technology moves the power around the oven to deliver precise cooking temperatures in the right place at the right time for perfect results.

The Mini Smart Oven® with Element IQ® is our affordable offering for the cook who desires a countertop oven that bakes the perfect pizza pie, delicious cookies and toasts evenly. Smart features, small space.

1. With Element IQ® - 4 Independent quartz heating elements move the power where it's needed most, above and below the food. Each element adjusts automatically for the setting you choose, to deliver the right cooking temperature at the right time for the meal you are creating.

2. 8 Pre-programmed settings include: Toast 4 slices, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Warm.

3. 1800 watt countertop oven.

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BOV450XL $149.95
  • Capacity

    4-slice toast
    11" pizza
    0.45 cu ft interior

  • Element IQ

    Element IQ® puts the power where it’s needed most. For each of the 8 preset functions, Element IQ® delivers the right power at the right time and when adjusted for taste, it remembers that, too.

  • Pre-set Functions

    8 preset functions: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, and Reheat.

  • Nonstick Cavity Coating

    The walls on the inside of the oven feature a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

  • Additional Features

    1800W with 4 Quartz heating elements
    Function dial with 8 preset functions
    Backlit, easy-read LCD changes from blue to orange when cooking
    Temperature conversion button converts temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius
    Frozen foods defrost button
    A Bit More button adds a little extra cooking time
    Pull-out crumb tray
    Breville Assist® plug

  • Included Accessories

    10" × 10" enamel baking pan

  • Voltage

    110 - 120 Volts

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions

    Exterior: (W) 16 x (D) 14¼ x (H) 8½
    Interior: (W) 10¾ x (D) 10 x (H) 4
    Weight: 11.5lbs

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May 30, 2016

These toaster ovens don't last

"Our 2nd Breville toaster oven has died after a year and a half. It just stopped working right in the middle of heating up a pizza. The same thing happened with our first one, which was the larger toaster oven. It is very disappointing because we are very pleased with this toaster oven in general. They just don't last very long and I'm not going to replace my toaster oven every couple of years."

November 19, 2013

love it!

"Read the reviews on the Mini smart oven and only negative seemed to be the "beep" to signal your item is done. Was concerned - called Breville - spoke to very helpful person who played the beep for me over the phone! of course I had to hear it myself - bought it - do not understand what the problem other folks have, but maybe it was bad and Breville fixed it. The beep is not at all an issue, seems like a pretty normal, expected "your meal is done" type of noise. Other than that I have cooked a variety of items, on all different settings, toast (of course), broil, bake, etc. and am very satisfied with the results of all. "

August 3, 2013

The Best 4-slice Toaster Oven Ever

"For build quality and design, this is the best countertop Toaster Oven on the market for 2013. Compact and efficient, the Breville "Mini" outscores all other brands of comparable size. Our production batch seems to have toned down the beeping level and sounds similar to our retired deLonghi toaster oven (whose door mount broke off). But as with any appliance there is room for improvement: Auto-slide for the oven rack (when the door is opened) which is a must for retrieving toast from a hot interior and rack; Right-angle adapter for the monstrous A/C plug, eliminating the need for a truncated extension cord; additional insulation to tone down the exterior heat throw-off, too dangerous for children; the inclusion of all related accessories, especially the broiler-pan, a common inclusion with other brands (Breville prices the accessories very reasonably, however, but shipping ups overall cost); a wooden tray accessory for the oven top, offered for the other Breville Smart Ovens. Overall, Breville has the best line of Toaster Ovens and with committment to build quality and design, their other products become very, very attractive to me."

July 30, 2013

great product

"In need of a new toaster oven, I went to the stores to "look" at styles.
This oven caught my eye right away.
I went home to research it and found mostly positive reviews.
I decided to spend what I considered to be too much for a toaster, and what a difference! I love everything about it.
It looks great on my counter and it cooks everything perfectly.
I also have to add that while reading reviews, many commented on the large shrill at the end of each cycle and when plugging toaster in.
I have no clue how anyone could complain about this. There is absolutely nothing abnormally loud about this sound.

May 26, 2013

Fantastic Product

" My wife and I purchased this oven yesterday at a local BB &B store after I did some surfing for an oven online to replace an aged cheap Black&Decker. I had not read the reviews yet, but was so impressed the build quality in person, I was pretty sure we'd be satisfied with it.
The mini oven is awesome, and just the right size for the two of us and our kitchen. Not only does it toast a frozen bagel to perfection, tonight I decided to heat up a frozen pizza in it instead of nuking it as I normally do in the microwave. I did not have the accessory pizza pan, and not wanting to drip and burn melted cheese on those beautiful quartz elements, I just placed the pizza on a piece of aluminum foil and let the oven do it's pre-programmed cycle of preheating and then baking.
Tremendous difference in the finished product! The toppings were perfectly cooked, the cheese melted without turning to goo, and the crust was dry and soft on the inside, and soft yet crispy on the outside, instead of soggy and gummy.
I'm sure that when we try out the other features we will be equally as pleased.
Upon bringing the oven home and getting on this site to read the user reviews, I nearly allowed the comments from the other posters about the "very shrill loud beeps" to influence me to return the oven before even opening it since we have 2 very scaredy cats in the house. Unless the engineers at Breville took those complaints to heart and redesigned the beeper to quite the beeps, I don't know how anyone could possibly complain about the loudness, and I certainly would not let that dissuade anyone from purchasing this wonderful product.! "

December 7, 2012

happy with our toaster

"We like our toaster a lot and do not mind the beeps. I hadn’t really thought about them at all till seeing the other reviews. I looked on the site b/c we are thinking about getting this for my Mom. My husband had a Krups before and he finds this toaster to be much better."

April 1, 2012

mini smart oven

"I was excited when I found the Mini because I had read good reviews of the regular and compact but have limited counter space. I took one home and tried it out but had to return it. It gives several shrill, piercing beeps each time you plug it in and when it finishes a function. My cats went tearing out of the kitchen the first time they heard it. I kept the oven a week and tried it every day to see if I could get used to the noise, but it was just too much.

I agree with the other review that says it would wake a household. I could hear the shrill beeping from any room in the house.

I exchanged it for the Compact, which has a much more tolerable audible signal system. I can't imagine why they put a different one in the Mini.


March 13, 2012

Mini smart oven

"Just purchased the mini oven. Love the oven, but the beeping is awful. There needs to be a way to turn it down. It is not necessary to be so loud. Other than that it is a very good product. "

February 2, 2012


"I love this oven. It cooks perfect toast, fits neatly and looks wonderful on the counter. It is flexible with cooking time, and the little more and frozen buttons add great functionality. What no one told me about this oven was that it has a CRAZY LOUD BEEP that alerts both at the beginning and end of the toast cycle. It is so loud that we can not use the oven when our children are sleeping one floor up. We can not even use this toaster due to this function. I called customer service and the beep can not be quieted or silenced. We are taking the oven back for this reason and are very disappointed in this one flaw which turns out to be a deal breaker for us. We just wanted a toaster oven that could make toast without waking the whole house. I'm unhappily surprised that this isn't the one. "

January 31, 2012

Love the oven, but my husband is shocked that there was no broiler rack included.

"We just completed an amazing kitchen remodel. I looked for the perfect toaster oven to replace the old, tired, SLOW toasting toaster oven we had before. It couldn't be just any toaster oven - it had to be the right size, toast in a timely manner, reheat, etc. The Mini Smart Oven filled the bill to a tee. Yes, it was pricier than other models BUT the quality was worth it - and still is; HOWEVER, while I now can make the most perfectly toasted toast that anyone has ever consumed, it did not come with a broiler rack! My husband is SURPRISED and has commented now numerous times about the lack of rack. Listening to his logic, I too am surprised. Fantastic quality, looks, and performance - but not such a winner as far as a "complete package.""

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