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the Juice Fountain® Crush

For maximum yield and nutrients

Breville Juice Fountain Crush. How do you make a juice with a smooth pulpy texture? Use the Juice Fountain™ Crush.

It's the slow juicer that crushes and squeezes to make juice with nutrients and a little fiber for a thicker, smoother texture. The 240 watt motor quietly juices everything from berries and oranges to wheatgrass and carrots for delicious results.

And clean up is a snap. Once you're done, disassemble the unit to wash, and use the included brush to keep your filter sparkling.

10 year induction motor warranty

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BJS600XL $299.99
  • Extended Warranty


  • External Pulp Ejection

    A pulp container slips under the pulp spout for ease of disposal.

  • Safety Features

    Overload Protection

  • Additional Features

    Direction Control
    Two Step Safety Start
    Overload Protection
    Easy Clean
    Easy Lift Handle

  • Included Accessories

    Juicing jug
    Filter cleaning brush

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Motor Warranty

    10 Years

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November 11, 2013

Too Many Delicate Parts

"However, the parts do the job on the BJS600XL. I do like it but it is not like the others. For instance, I prefer the Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Model BJE510XL/A. Also I want to compliment the beauty of the machines looks and design for both juicers listed here.

Thank you for products that will be an aid to good health."

October 15, 2013

No need to cut the carrots

"I've used this juicer for about 6 months mainly for juicing carrots. In the beginning I thought I could keep pushing the carrots in and expect the juicer to handle them as fast I could shove them in. Well I was wrong, and this was not fair to the juicer. After a few sessions I started to develop a very simple and pleasant process for juicing carrots. I do not cut them into pieces, instead I just trim the end(s) and then simply place the carrot into the juicer's feeding shoot and let the juicer start to bit and "eat up" the carrot automatically at its own pace, which it will do effortlessly. I don't force it down the shoot since the juicer grabs the carrot at its own pace and digests each carrot at a not super-fast but still a very respectable pace. Interestingly, the machine will also make a very pleasing crunching/chewing sound when it begins to "bite" and digest the whole carrot, which almost sounds like the sound of a dog enthusiastically biting into his favorite treat. Later you can tell when the carrot is digested and the machine is ready for the next one as the sound of the machine goes from a laboring pitch to a higher pitched energetic sound inviting you to feed it another carrot. You can't just shove the carrots down its throat, much as you can't just shove treats down your dog's throat (note to self). This is a man-machine interaction which requires the human component to be present and attentive to the machine and its reasonable limitations. In exchange the machine is reliable and consistent and creates these wonderful crunching sounds as it enthusiastically performs its mission, and then changes pitch signaling you that it's ready for the next carrot. I'm sure if the juicer had a tail it would be wagging it to let you know it wants more carrots. I understand that next year's model will have a tail (just kidding).

I have used large carrots without any problems, provided I remember that I need to wait a little bit longer between carrots and let the machine clear it's system if I'm using very large carrots. With very large carrots, you could feed the machine half of the carrot and wait a little bit (20 sec) before feeding the next half. You'll know when it's time just by listening to the hum of the machine.

Despite all of this if you happen to feed the carrots a little too fast and the machine jams, which can happen, then all you need to do is simply push down on the power switch and the juicer will go into reverse mode and will clear itself by politely partially "regurgitating" the overload just barely back into the shoot until it has cleared itself and is able to spin freely. At this point you push up on the power bottom and the machine will then re-ingest what it regurgitated for the next few seconds and will then let you know it's ready for the next one.

Overall while the machine has a slight limitation in the rate at which it can digest carrots, it does its job very consistently. Like any other piece of well designed instrument (good camera, a guitar) it takes a little bit of skill and consideration to use. If you are interested in delicious and nutritious juice that is fun to make buy this machine and take a little bit of time to learn it's personality and work with its strengths. You'll discover a very pleasing juicing journey at the end of which awaits a delicious and nutritious glass of carrot juice."

October 10, 2013


"We have had the Crush for 3 months and we've used it every day. The pulp is dry when it comes out the shoot. We juice A LOT of kale and it really does an amazing job. Yes, you have to chop up your carrots etc, but it seems a worthwhile price to pay for the amount of juice you will yield. One problem we have is that about a month in it started to squeek. We rubbed veg oil on what ever parts seem to rub up against other parts but it persists. It was very quiet at the beginning. We live in an apartment and juice as early as 6 am. I always feels a twinge of guilt thinking I may be waking up the neighbors.

Any suggestion Breville!!"

September 1, 2013

Not too impressive

"We spent hours researching juicers, and finally opted to purchase a higher priced one, the Breville Crush. I was a bit disappointed that, for almost $300, there were many plastic components! Though it does a great job on kale, it's not too impressive with carrots, which must be cut up into tiny, little pieces or will jam the machine! We have had the machine for only 5 weeks, and the part that eliminates the fiber has already broken! I expected much more from this machine and I dont think I will be purchasing another Breville product, though I have had my eye on that Tea Maker! "

July 27, 2013

Okay juicer

"The juicer is okay. I've have a Juiceman Jr juicer already. I bought the Breville in hopes that this masticating juicer would be way better, and it wasn't way better. So, my comparison of how this juicer does is compared to my Juiceman Jr. The Breville is only slightly nicer to use. I did not have any issues with carrots; however, I did cut them up before use from reading other reviews online. I juiced kale and was happy that the Breville had no issues with it. So, for juicing greens, I see myself using this juicer more than my Juiceman Jr centrifugal juicer. The pulp clean up was nicer; however, the pulp did still feel wet. The pulp did extract from the Breville much better than my Juiceman Jr. The taste of the juice produced seemed to be about the same as my Juiceman Jr. So, as things seem to me, it isn't much better. Am I happy with it? Yes, because I can juice greens with it.

Very quiet
Easy to clean
Juices greens

Heavy piece of equipment
Pulp still feels about as wet a normal centrifugal juicer
Taste wasn't way better than a centrifugal juicer

Final thought: I think if I had a juice press than my juicing experience would be way better. Would I recommend this juicer? If you don't plan to juice green, then I wouldn't buy it, plus the price is way higher than other name brand centrifugal juicers. If you do plan to juice greens, then I'd get one; however, if you could wait to see if the price were ever to drop below $150, then it would be a better buy. Or, find one used. Just my opinion."

June 6, 2013

Loved it but.....cut up those carrots!

"I had to return it twice because of a carrot jam. It snapped the lid in a couple of pieces! So if you buy this one, make sure you cut up those carrots small. I exchanged the last one for the dual disc juice processor since it is a bit more heavy duty and I juice daily. Going to miss this little one though....."

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