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the Juice Fountain® Plus

Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Drink to your health. Get into the world of juicing with this no-nonsense dual-speed juice fountain. Easy, lightning-quick operation and simple clean-up.

Healthier living starts here.

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JE98XL $149.99
  • Pulp Container Capacity

    Large 2.6 qt (2.5 L) pulp container

  • Juice Jug Capacity

    Improved 1.1 qt (1 L) Juice Jug with froth separator

  • Feed Chute Size

    3.3" (7.6 cm) with cutting knife to center produce

  • Juicing Disc Filter

    Stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filter to extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers

  • Speeds

    2 speed electronic control – High Speed for denser fruits and harder vegetables
    Low Speed for leafy vegetables and soft fruit

  • Safety Features

    Safety lock mechanism prevents unsafe operation

  • Additional Features

    Overload Protection LED
    Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Filter Basket
    Heavy Grade Polymer Body
    Stainless Steel Cutters
    Safety Locking Arm
    Large Capacity Pulp Container

  • Included Accessories

    Improved 1.1 qt (1 L) Juice Jug with froth separator
    Cleaning Brush for the Micro Mesh Filter Basket

  • Innovations

    Patented 3" (7.6cm) Extra-wide Chute processes whole fruits and vegetables without precutting

  • Design Notes

    Designed in Australia

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions

    9" (D) X 17"(H) X 16" (W)

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November 30, 2009

Great starter juicer

"I have had the juicer for about two years now and love it. It is very efficient at juicing and fairly quiet. (Even if my toddlers disagree.) The machine is easy to dis- and assemble and easy to clean. It handles fruits and all sorts of vegetables really well, though it seems to have a bit of a hard time with beets, which may be due to the blades wearing down.

My only complaint is that the juice pitcher is hard to clean, so I have stopped using it. If you would like it, bobajabob, I'd be glad to mail it to you! :-)"

November 28, 2009

Availability of replacement parts?

"I have used my Juice Fountain Plus almost daily since purchasing it on April 1, 2007. With this much use the motor still works beautifully, and my only challenge is gettting some one to respond to my request as to where I can purchase replacement parts for all of the non - metal heavy plastic parts. With almost daily use for well over 2 years, the plastic parts are wearing out and have even cracked in some areas. I'm confident that with availability of replacements parts, that I will be able to use my Juice Fountain Plus for many more years to come.

From Breville:
Thanks for your feedback. We are adding new parts daily and will have them up soon.

November 26, 2009

I love it

"This juicer is easy to clean and to use. I have tried apples, pineapple, water melon, honey dew, carrots, celery, tomatoes, ginger in varied mixtures and proportions and I love this machine. The only juice that was very dense, almost like a pure', was with pears, but I liked it, too. "

November 18, 2009

so far so good

"I like this juicer, it's easy to clean also!
I will recommend it."

November 9, 2009


"I just purchased my new juicer...I could not be more thrilled with the speed and stability of which it operates...Very solid product...I highly recommend this model and its priced well."

October 19, 2009

Love It!

"I have been using my juicer daily for almost a year, WOW! I don't know what my family did before we had fresh juice everyday! I haven't had one problem with my juicer since the day I opened the box and if for some reason I did, I wouldn't hesitate to replace it with another Breville juicer. This has been a wonderful investment and I have never regretted the decision to go with Breville."

October 17, 2009

so far, so good

"I got this as a gift from my daughter who although unable to convert me to a vegan is making progress toward making me a fruitarian! This is a great juicer, I read all the reviews, good and bad, and as far as I see most complaints come from improper use. The duty cycle concept is unclear to most folks and they don't know to let it run to cool off after high load use. If you shut it down right away after cramming 8 or 10 carrots or apples or whatever you get what mechanics refer to as "heat soak" where your machine actually heats up more than when it was running. Simply letting it idle a minute or so would eliminate 99% of the problems I saw. My only complaint: I dropped the empty pitcher about 6 or 8 inches into the sink and it cracked, becoming unusable. I'll find a tupperware unit to replace it but the pitcher should have been made from the same material as the pulp container,and I'm sure breville will say it's all my fault for dropping it like that. I just wish they'd use stronger material like I suggest in the future and I'd at least feel better about em,maybe revise up to 5 stars!!"

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