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The Scraper Mixer Pro is featured in Tosi on Tour with Chef Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milkbar

the Scraper Mixer™ Pro

Picture a world of baking that doesn't include sticky bowls and spattered batter. What's left? Baking nirvana. With a singular focus on mixing essentials, the Scraper Mixer™ Pro draws a straight line from your imagination to your taste buds. It's built for baking.

Scraper Beater's flexible edge scrapes the sides and bottom of the Stainless Steel bowl clean. Pouring Shield minimizes spattering when mixing and adding ingredients. Smooth sounding 550 watt motor features load sensing Motor Protection Sensors that detect heavy mixtures and maintain precision speed.

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BEM800XL $299.95
  • Capacity

    5 qt (4.7 L) mixing bowl with handle

  • Additional Features

    5 qt (4.7 L) Stainless Steel Bowl with Handle
    550 Watt Motor
    Load Sensing Technology with Motor Protection
    Planetary Mixing Action
    12 Speed Electronic Control
    10 Minute timer with Auto-Off
    Lift Assist Mixer Head with Handle

  • Included Accessories

    Wire Whip
    Scraper Beater
    Flat Beater
    Dough Hook
    Pouring Shield

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Notes on Features

    Planetary Mixing Action covers 360 degree beater-to-bowl coverage for thoroughly mixed ingredients.

    Scraper Beater's flexible edge scrapes the sides and bottom of the bowl for thorough mixing. The flat beater (not pictured) is for general mixing of heavy batters and pie pastry.

    Dough hook kneads bread, pizza, and pasta dough. Wire whip (not pictured) incorporates air for whipped cream, egg whites, and icing.

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March 11, 2014

Very good product

"I bought this mixer in January 2014 mainly because I make bread at home. I decided to write the review because I researched a lot before I bought it and I hope my review will be helpful for others. I have no comparison with another mixer (Kitchen Aid or Cuisinart) as this is my first one. However I love my Breville mixer and here is why:
1. I used it for bread - 2 loafs at a time (I make multigrain honey bread which has 4 cups of water, 7 cups of regular flour, 1 of whole wheat flour, 1 of barn flakes and 2 cups of oats) . I gave the ingredients so that you can compare with the quantities you use. When making this bread I knead it for 4 minutes at the end and the gluten is sufficiently developed by this powerfully mixer. The machine does not overheat, does not "dance" on the counter and the bread came out perfect every single time. I have no problem removing the bowl after I am done. It does not get stuck.
2. I used it for whipping cream and egg withes - it is superb! The mixer is very powerful and finished product is ready very quickly and comes out perfectly. No complaints. The same for oatmeal cookies and other cakes.
3. I like very much the fact that the tilting head blocks in the up position - so there is no danger of hurting myself.
4. I love the included splatter guard and spatula - the spatula cleans the bowl perfectly so I don't loose my ingredients and the guard is excellent when adding ingredients without making a mess. Yes you have to place it and remove it while working but for me that is not a hassle. The same goes for the beater and kneading accessories. Well made, they clean well both by hand and in the dishwasher.
5. I like that it has a timer and that it is programmable. It has a sleek modern design while being sturdy and well made.
It is not very heavy ( I can move it around by myself easily) and it is not very loud. I don't feel that it should be heavier or more solid - it is just right.
I also like the handle underneath which helps move it around and the cord ring for easy unplugging.
I would have liked it to have more attachments like the Kitchen Aid ones but I choose it over those because it is a more modern product and I don't regret my choice. I reviewed this product also on the Bed Bath and Beyond site as I bought it from them. I hope my review helps."

January 6, 2014

Great Purchace

"I have had my Breville mixer for almost three years now. I bought it as a birthday gift to myself. At the time I had just discovered a food intolerance and was unable to eat store-bought food such as bread. I had been making my bread by hand and would have continued to but for some reason my tendonitis in both wrists had flared up and I was in agony. My main concerns when buying were
1)that it would not break down. Breville had a good record of working and not breaking down. (unlike Kitchenaid)

2)that it would fit in my kitchen. It is 14 inches high and fits under the cupboards on my counter easily.

3)that it could make bread. I really wanted to avoid stressing my wrists so it was fairly important that it could take care of the hard stirring. The Breville can and will make bread up to two loafs worth of dough. The motor will heat up a bit, but it works fine. What I didn't realize was that I had to finish kneading by hand. Thankfully I never have to knead that long because the machine has done most of the work but I can't get out of it entirely. If I were willing to use a wet dough recipe I could have managed to get around this.

Buying this mixer was a great decision. I use it a least twice a week to make bread and have been very happy with it. In all my years of having it I have only used the higher speeds a handful of times. Once to make whip cream. (turned out lovely) So I have no idea if it holds up on the higher speeds.
The countdown timer feature is wonderful, and I use it all the time.
As for the accessories I mainly use the dough hook for breads, the regular beater paddle for mashed potatoes and the scraper beater for cookies and cheese cake. The whisk works for whip cream but I've only used it once or twice. It also came with a spatula that everyone raved about in the reviews but I melted mine by accident within the first week. I never use the plastic shield that it came with. Its too much of a bother.
At the time I bought it only came in utility silver. But I think it looks fabulous. It's very steam lined, without a lot of features which I like. Everything is durable easily cleanable (all of the attachments even the bowl go in the dishwasher) and works the way its supposed to. It has a lovely feature where the head of the mixer will not come up out of the bowl unless you press the release knob. The head will come up and lock into place. You can press the same release knob to put the head back into the bowl. (It won't fall, you have to guide it in) The bowl easily locks into place the attachments are easy to secure into place and remove and the entire machine stays where you put it as it runs. It also has a lovely hole through the plug so it's easy to pull out of the wall. I wish all cords had this!
The only feature that my Breville lacks is a half spin button. Sometimes it would be very nice to move the mixer blades just a half step forward for easier scraping or adding of ingredients. I can see how that would be a designer nightmare and I don't really -need- it. I just think it would be nice.
Over all this is a great machine that I am very happy to own. "

January 17, 2013

New Love

"I have been a Kitchen Aid girl for years, but when I saw this mixer I had to have it. My family gave it as a Christmas give and I love it. The Breville is so much lighter and faster than my old Kitchen Aid. I love the features the timer is a God sent. Thank you Thank you Breville for making baking fun for me again."

December 18, 2012

GREAT Mixer!

"I received this for Christmas and I LOVE it! I made quite a few dozen cookies with it and with my hand being injured it was very easy to use. Cleans up nicely. Works very well for the price. I wish it would come with more accessories so I could do more with it. "

November 15, 2012

Please offer attachments!

"I have done a LOT of research between Kitchen Aid and Breville, when it comes to stand mixers, and I am almost totally decided to go in the direction of Breville. As someone who just sort of assumed that I would get a KA, I am really surprised by the amount of high praise the Breville gets. Major positives that are making up my mind include:

- Breville is about 7 lbs lighter than the KA and has better handles --not a deciding factor, but a major positive as these machines are heavy and KA's can be really awkward to carry and move.

--Breville offers the timer/shut off function and LED light display (more user friendly settings).

--Breville has a lockable tilt-head--which is really important! I've experienced Kitchen aid’s tilt heads to come crashing down and sometimes can pinch your fingers if you aren't careful. Plus, if that happens too often, I can't imagine it being very good for the machine.

--Breville is slightly cheaper AND offers additional attachments including the shield guard and flexible beater scraper..which are additional costs for KA and seem to be better built.

My biggest gripe and hesitation at getting the Breville is its lack of accessories. While I think that KA's attachments are overpriced (generally, you can afford separate machines that do the same function at a much cheaper cost), I am sad that it isn't at least an OPTION.

I noticed that on Breville's Australia site, they offer an ice cream bowl attachment for the same stand mixer, and I was wondering if Breville USA could offer the same thing!! It appears to work for the same machine and it is probably the attachment that I would be most interested in--and gives KA an advantage--if they did offer one!! PLEASE OFFER THIS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! I think Breville would gain a lot of more stand mixer buyers if they did!

October 17, 2012

I want attachments !!

"So far I have loved everything about my stand mixer. I knead dough few times a week for Indian bread. It is heavy kneading of whole wheat flour. I generally knead it for 8 minutes. So far so good!

But I really really miss the fact that there are no attachments. I was debating between this and kitchen aid for long time. I eventually bought Breville but 6 months down the line I feel I made the wrong choice as I miss the pasta attachment. I don't really care about other ones. May be once I find a good solution for pasta I might not have issues but as of now I miss them.

Breville please listen to us. I am sure I am not the only one who wants attachment on this one.

January 16, 2012

Love my new mixer

"Add me to the list of satisfied customers with my new Breville Stand Mixer. I love to bake, and this easy to use mixer makes my baking quick and easy. I've researched other mixers before choosing this one, and I'm so glad I did. It's well made, and I'm sure to get a lot of use out of it. I especially love the scraper attachment and the timer. I'm used to using a cheapie hand mixer and an inexpensive stand mixer, so this has been an upgrade for me, and well worth the price. Thanks, Breville, for making a mixer I can still afford and yet has some great capabilities and features."

December 25, 2011

Breville Stand Mixer

"My new Breville Stand Mixer makes baking child's play! I've used it three times now and love it. "

August 6, 2011

Add my voice

"I would just like to add my voice to the request for Australian version of your stand mixer. While the color options would be nice, what I am more interested in is the wattage and warranty. I am in the market for a stand mixer in the near future and have been doing a lot of research. I find myself coming back again and again to the Breville. I know much of the competition in the US is in the same price range as the one you offer here. But there are a lot of us that do look for the power and capabilities of the higher wattage mixer and are willing to pay a little higher price to get it. And of course if you offered both then you would get both markets. Please consider adding the higher wattage mixer to your offerings here in the US."

July 21, 2011


"I recently had my 22 year old daughter move into her first apartment. Along with her went my Professional Model 2 year old stand mixer. I didn’t mind parting with it because I’m going to buy the Breville Stand Mixer. Unfortunately the mixer I had my heart set on was the 1000 watt Australian version with all the colors to choose from as well as the warranty that they offer on that unit. Please, Breville, don’t make me wait forever for that to become available in the US! In the mien time I am making due with a hand mixer and hoping for the best. I do already have several Breville products and I love them all! But I really do want that stand mixer. So, I’m willing to wait, not indefinitely though. Please consider this request. We, here in the US, also love to eat, bake, cook, etc. and would love those options that I’ve seen on the Australian site! Also, please consider an Ice Cream Machine with actual mix and freeze (compressor) and consider, as well, a professional grade Bread Machine with double paddles and digital read outs to be extremely accurate like all of your other equipment. Just some suggestions for you to consider. Thank you so much, for now, I would just be happy with the Stand Mixer with the wattage, warranty, and color options.

~Breville Response~

Hello Sandra,

Thank you so much for your comments and your interest in the Stand Mixer. I do have to say, I have one and feel the same way about it! Unfortunately at this time we do not have the colors, the wattage, or the other warranty on ours. The Stand Mixer that we do have is new to the market so for the time being, it will be simply as it currently is. However, please know we do take suggestions and criticisms very seriously and I have passed yours along! Please keep an eye out on this website as well as our Get Satisfaction pages for any updates or new products that might be coming out! We will do our very best to keep you updated and appraised of any new products that we have entering the market soon!

Thank you again, Sandra, for all of your great suggestions and for your continued support and love for the Breville products!

Breville Usa
~Renee Simms
~Consumer Services"

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