the Breville Sous Chef®

With super fine, variable slicing

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The big mouth food processor with finer, more even slicing.

All food comes in different shapes and sizes. So how do you get any size slice you like?

The extra-wide feed chute cuts longer slices and makes processing faster and easier. Gone are the days of having to chop potatoes into little pieces to fit into the chute. The variable slicing disc has 24 settings so you can customize the thickness of your slices from a paper thin 0.3mm all the way up to a thick 8.0mm. Using the 'S' blade, cut through the toughest jobs in seconds in the extra large 16-cup (3.8L) bowl. Or, for finer chopping tasks, the mini processing bowl is the perfect size for small quantities. All backed by a heavy duty 1200 watt induction motor with a 25-year motor guarantee.

Here's to the slice of life.

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BFP800XL $399.95
  • Dry Capacity

    16 cup (3.8L) large bowl; 2.5 cup (600ml) small bowl

  • Speed Settings

    On and pulse

  • Motor Type

    Induction Motor

  • Concealed Drive

    Included (increased processing capacity)

  • Safety Features

    Safety locking system, non-slip feet

  • Additional Features

    Timer mode - count up and down

  • Included Accessories

    Storage Box, Micro-Serrated S Blade™, Adjustable Slicing Disc,
    Julienne Disc, French Fry Cutting Disc, Reversible Shredding Disc,
    Whisking Disc, Mini Blade, Dough Blade, Cleaning Brush, Plastic Spatula

  • Construction

    Die cast metal base, plastic bowl, stainless steel blades

  • Voltage

    110 - 120 Volts

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Motor Warranty

    25 Years

  • Dimensions

    11 in (D) X 18 in (H) X 8 in (W)

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June 14, 2016


"I bought the Sous chef a few months ago and loved it till something went wrong. The mini processing bowl stopped working. It still fits into the larger bowl but the lid won't go on. The lid looks like it warped and the seal doesn't fit in one part of the lid. I don't know what happened. I've never put any parts in the dishwasher I always wash everything by hand. I looked to see if a replacement part is possible. But it doesn't look like there is. I'm very sad. I spent a lot of money on this food processor and now it doesn't work after only using it 5 times. I have a kitchen full of Breville products but now I won't buy another one."

April 6, 2016

Awesome Machine with one flaw

"I purchased this machine from Amazon last week. Was making bread dough and the bushing in the lid had melted plastic in it! I researched online thinking "surely I wasn't the only one". Well I wasnt! This is the only issue with this food processor I could find! I hope Breville will stand behind their machine. Outside of this issue, this machine is awesome!"

October 29, 2015

The best food processor on the market!

"This food processor was the first kitchen appliance I bought which was made by the Breville brand several years ago. I absolutely loved it and since then I became a big fun of this brand and bought lots of other kitchen appliances made by them. It is not cheap, but also it is not cheaply made. It is very solid built with powerful but at the same time very quite motor. It is absolutely amazing tool to have if you need to do some big amounts of cooking. Love the French-fry blade and I use it not only for potatoes. Also shredding huge amounts of cabbage or anything else is a breeze. Yes, it is heavy and big in size, but that is why you can do big size tasks in it and that is a huge help. Also it conveniently has the small work bowl for the smaller size jobs if needed. The storage box for all the blades is very handy and very well made and not flimsy like other brands on the market. I would definitely recommend it."

April 29, 2015

Great Product, Terrible Customer Service

"This was a wonderful machine... UNTIL the work bowl fell off my counter onto my wooden floor and cracked. The large replacement work bowls have not been available for months; thus, I have not been able to use my Sous Chef. I called customer service and waited on hold for 20 minutes only to be told that the bowls would be available in 2 weeks -- that was 2 months ago! I also sent a letter to customer service through the website inquiring when the bowls would be available and never even received a reply. I am so frustrated and disappointed with Breville's customer service that I could never recommend their products and it will surely be the last Breville product I purchase."

March 23, 2015


"Unbelievable performance. my oster made of plastic broke quickly and you counldn't put the food in the chute without choping it up. love the large mouth and durability of the product. breville makes superior quality products. I own the hot wok pro. deep fryer,bread maker, boss blender,smart grill, smart convection toaster oven, tea maker. Buy one and youll become addicted. I want the smart microwave next."

April 16, 2014

Love my Breville Sous Chef!!!

"I love this product! I highly recommend it to everyone! So far I've used it to slice up vegetables for pickling. The blades have an easy way of measuring the thickness of whatever I want to slice. As with all Breville products it is well made and free of any manufacturer's flaws like I've found with other brands the day I open the box. The warranty on the motor is a plus!
I know after seeing how well the Breville products are made that they are the best!
Thank you Breville! I always look forward to purchasing your products!"

December 4, 2013

Love it

"Ordered mine sight unseen and just from the website. It arrived today and I am very impressed by the weight and size of it. Its awesome and one that I will truly keep on the counter and not out of sight. It is tall but but slides under my wall cabinets with a little to spare. Can't wait to give it a test run this weekend.

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Tommy Cohen


January 13, 2013

professional grade

"motor warranty sealed the purchase"

September 8, 2012

Simply Awesome!

"The Breville Sous Chef is the greatest food processor EVER!!! Love it!"

February 28, 2012

Excellent Food Processor

"I purchased the Sous Chef knowing it will be well made and do the job as described just as my other Breville purchases. I owned another brand name processor and I can tell you this Breville is well worth the money. It has plenty of power and accessories to get the job done. It makes quick work out of slicing potatoes for French fries. I use 5/6 potatoes for this and it has them chopped in under 10 seconds and the great thing about that is the whole potato fits in the chute. It is a quite food processor also. I have cut frozen pepperoni at lengths of around a foot and with the adjustable blade it makes quick uniform slices for my home made pizza. Just a great all around food processor. Thanks again Breville for making a well made product again."

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