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the Handy Stand Mixer™

With spring loaded, soft tipped beaters

A better hand mixer. Spring loaded, soft tipped beaters create deeper hand mixing for increased volume.

A smarter stand mixer. Two independent motors. One spins the bowl while the other controls the beating action to combine even the thickest mix.

Hand mix. Stand mix. the Handy Stand Mixer™ with complete control. Now that's handy.

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BEM600XL $119.95
  • Mixing Action

    Twin beater action ensures that ingredients are thoroughly mixed

  • Variable Speed Control

    12 speed control plus turbo boost function

  • Capacity

    3.5 quart / 3.5 Liter

  • Speed Settings

    12 plus boost

  • Timer

    Digital LCD screen with count up timer

  • Motor Protection System

    Included - Prevents motor burnout if mixer is accidentally overloaded - mixer can easily be reset

  • Load Sensing Technology

    Included - Internal sensors detect when heavy batters are being mixed and automatically adjust the power to maintain the selected speed

  • Additional Features

    Patented Twin Motor System
    One motor drives the beaters while a second independent motor drives the bowl. This allows the power to be put where it is needed, and the result is a powerful bowl drive that forces the mixture through the beaters and allows for a more efficient 3-way mixing action.

    Spring loaded scraper beaters
    Heavy-duty "V-groove" spring loaded beaters with patented soft tips ensure excellent mixing results on very small volumes by automatically scraping the bowl, including the difficult to reach center section.

    Other Key Features
    Electronic load sensing for heavy mixes
    2 Speed Mixing Bowl
    Fully Detachable Hand Mixer
    Count Up Timer
    LCD Display
    Touch Pad Controls
    Flared top Mixing Bowl for easy access when adding ingredients
    BPA Free Materials

  • Included Accessories

    Soft Tipped Beaters
    Dough Hooks for kneading dough for breads and pizzas

  • Construction

    Stainless Steel Bowl

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Wattage


  • Dimensions


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October 31, 2012

Almost Great

"Caveat: I have not used any other stand mixer, this is first purchase, sight unseen, of such a product (purchased based on Breville's reputation for superb products).

Hand Mixer component: very fluid, 12-step hand mixer. Amazingly quiet and superb torque! Has a nice timer that starts ever time you restarted. Super comfortable on/off switch and +/- speed buttons. Easy to clean underside. It comes with Wisk and dough mixers. Attaches to stand, gets its power from a cord (with usual Breville easy-pull-out "O" type plug), and feeds power to the stand portion. Absolutely no issues with mixer portion.

Stand component. This stand mixer rotates the bowl. Once you figure out how to attach and detach the bowl, very simple to use. Bowl itself is somewhat wimpy, and plastic attachment at bottom to mate to stand has no surface grip, i.e. it slides around your countertop. Metal of bowl is not particularly robust. Motor: a two position setting motor that draws its power from attached mixer. Motor is very geared-down to provide oodles of torque. The cost is LOUD NOISE. It's really loud, a huge, disappointing contrast to the velvety smooth mixer. What gives?

So from a functional standpoint, superb. Aesthetics? Superb. Noise of the stand? Very disappointing. Enough to send back? Don't know yet. Most likely not, as it does the job more than adequately (mixed vegan cake frosting trivially, mixed bread dough ("My Bread" style, 400g flour, 300g water) without even thinking about it on the slowest mixer setting).

Worth $150? I have no idea, read first paragraph.

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