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the Juice Fountain® Plus

Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Drink to your health. Get into the world of juicing with this no-nonsense dual-speed juice fountain. Easy, lightning-quick operation and simple clean-up.

Healthier living starts here.

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JE98XL $149.95
  • Pulp Container Capacity

    Large 2.6 qt (2.5 L) pulp container

  • Juice Jug Capacity

    Improved 1.1 qt (1 L) Juice Jug with froth separator

  • Feed Chute Size

    3.3" (7.6 cm) with cutting knife to center produce

  • Juicing Disc Filter

    Stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filter to extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers

  • Speeds

    2 speed electronic control – High Speed for denser fruits and harder vegetables
    Low Speed for leafy vegetables and soft fruit

  • Safety Features

    Safety lock mechanism prevents unsafe operation

  • Additional Features

    Overload Protection LED
    Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Filter Basket
    Heavy Grade Polymer Body
    Stainless Steel Cutters
    Safety Locking Arm
    Large Capacity Pulp Container

  • Included Accessories

    Improved 1.1 qt (1 L) Juice Jug with froth separator
    Cleaning Brush for the Micro Mesh Filter Basket

  • Innovations

    Patented 3" (7.6cm) Extra-wide Chute processes whole fruits and vegetables without precutting

  • Design Notes

    Designed in Australia

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions

    9" (D) X 17"(H) X 16" (W)

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January 12, 2016

Not a Happy Juicer

" I still have not contacted manufacturer just yet, I purchased this juicer 12/24/2015, and all i ran through t was carrots, once a day... yesterday the wheel refused to moved just made a grinding noise,. i realigned wheel and housing but still the same..I had done my homework & was happy with this juicer til last night.... now im pissed & to top it off i look under it around it and NO serial or Model number so I took a picture.."

May 26, 2015

Simple Juicer

"I am the type of person that likes things fast, simple, and that get the job done. This is exactly what this juicer does. I wake in the morning before my run, it takes me less than 15 minutes from start to clean-up to be out the door and energized for my run. I love the quality and speed of this juicer and the price was great too! Very happy with this purchase!"

March 20, 2014

Great Juicer

"This is my first juicer. I did a lot of research on them before buying this and I am so pleased with the performance and they support Breville provides. Being new to juicing, I naturally had questions to ask and they have been so much help to me. The manual that comes with the machine is very good, but there are always questions. I have gotten into the habit of emptying the pulp and re-running it back through just to make sure I have gotten the maximum amount of juice from my fruits/veggies. Leafy veggies are served best by doing this, especially kale. I just use tongs and drop the pulp back through the chute and extract any remaining juice. It's not a problem for me. I have no complaints and each day we try a new juice, we are compiling a book of our favorites. I wish I had gotten into juicing earlier as we are all feeling so much better. As far as leakage goes, periodically there may be a little, but mostly on high speed and it's not enough to worry about. It's so easy to clean and I do clean it immediately after use. I give the basket a good scrub with the brush that is provided and it comes clean. I have not put any parts in the dishwasher even though it is allowed because I want my juicer ready for service any time I want to use it. I would highly recommend this juicer to anyone."

February 9, 2014

Quiet, Efficient & Amazing!

"Juicer arrived this week. Only 5minutes out of the box and it was rinsed, assembled & ready for use. I've already made 4 batches of various fruit/veggie juices. I find the 2 speeds helpful & necessary. It is so quiet that I don't even disturb the sleeping family.

Though I was tempted to pickup an inferior cheaper juicer, after reading many reviews & then using this myself I am glad I held out for the best."

February 5, 2014

All around fantastic machine

"I've had this juicer now for over 2 years. Like many I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and was inspired to do something about my own health by trying juicing. I purchased this juicer believing that it was a good compromise of features, quality, and price and so far I have not been disappointed.

This juicer is best at hard fruits and vegetables (carrots, beets, apples, pears etc...) but does fine with other, softer foods as well. Over the past 2 years I have juiced just about everything in this machine and have yet to find a fruit or veggie that produces badly (except banana, you just can't juice a banana). The trick is that quantity is critical. When juicing leafy greens a single leaf is not likely to produce much juice if at all, the blades simply spin too quickly and the food is shredded and immediately ejected to the pulp container. The most productive method is to pack the chute with leafy greens or small, soft fruits (berries and grapes) and use the ram to steadily push the food into the blades. Instead of trying to juice a few spinach leaves juice a handful at a time. Even with grapes, berries, kiwis I have found it best to put in enough to at least cover the chute area. Usually with smaller fruits that have to be loaded in by handfuls I will put the fruit in the chute, place bit of pressure with the ram, and THEN turn on the machine.

I like that this machine has 2 different speeds but, in reality, I have not found that feature useful. Many times I've tried juicing softer foods (cucumber, citrus fruits, tomato, melon etc...) using the slow speed but it has never been any more efficient than the high speed. So I stick with the high speed setting and all is well.

I've had the pleasure of using only one other juicer, a high end masticating unit. At the time I was considering switching to a masticating juicer for the better juice extraction. What I didn't realize was the speed difference was not 50% slower, the masticating juicer was 500% slower if not more. When I'm juicing half a gallon in the morning I don't have 2 hours to spend waiting for my juice, I need to make it quickly. Today, a year later, I'm still using my Juice Fountain Plus with no intention of moving away until it's dead. This is a well built unit that has not given me a single issue in over 2 years of use. I don't always juice daily but when I do it's churning out at least 3/4 of a gallon a day (3 32oz juice meal replacements) for up to a couple months. Not only is this a great starter juicer, it's just a plain fantastic machine.

With all the praise I still gave this juicer a 4 star rating for a few reasons. 1, I do think there could be better juice extraction. Soft foods do come out pretty wet (hence the thought about switching to a masticating unit). 2, often times I get some leaking from under the basket. Since I clean the juicer after every use I just include this in my cleaning regimen but I don't feel that it should be necessary. 3, there really is a trick to getting the most out of some foods and it's not the recommended method from the company.

This may not be the end-all of juicers but I'm hard pressed to find another one worth buying to replace this one. I've learned the nuances of the juicer and embrace the intricacies of using it to get the most out of whatever I decide to juice. If mine happens to die tomorrow I would not hesitate to buy another."

November 6, 2013

Awesome Value!

"We've been juicing for a little over a year now. Got into it for my wife's health at the recommendation of nutrition experts who helped her sister. Our first juicer was the Breville Compact (recommended by the juicing/nutrition experts) because we heard it was more reliable than the Lack LaLanne or other brands and it was a great value. Used it for over a year and loved it. Juiced gallons of kale, celery, ginger and other fruits every week. Made fresh apple juice and pear grenitas - just had a wonderful time.

Eventually our blade wore out from all the hard use and we decided to upgrade to a juicer with a side bin for pulp that would be easier to clean. Bought a shiny new Jack LaLanne as a "step-up" from our entry-level Breville. Used it once then returned it the very next day and bought the Breville Juice Fountain instead.

The Jack LaLanne is WAY under-powered. It took over an hour to juice what we used to do in 15 minutes. The blades were small compared to even our entry level Breville and the net result was that the kale would clog the blades and then I'd end up having to stop the machine and clean the blades to keep going. Apples, lemons and celery constantly got clogged in the chute because the hole didn't cover the entire blade. It was a nightmare.

The Juice Fountain works great! People who say they have issues with kale apparently don't realize this machine has two speeds. Read the instructions and keep it clean. Bought a set of back-up blades because we intent to use this thing hard for years to come. At $150, this machine is a steal! Unless you need a digital display to impress your friends, 50 speeds to satisfy some OCD, or military-grade casing for use on a nuclear submarine, this is the last juicer your'e ever going to buy...and it should have been our first.

August 26, 2013

Superior performance!

"I've had this juicer for about a year and a half now and it has seen regular use. This is a well crafted machine that can stand up to frequent or daily use. I bought it directly from the Breville website. It shipped right to my door, no hassle. The first couple of uses still had a bit of a "new" scent to it, but that goes away after a few washes. Speaking of washing, I use regular dish soap ans a stiff bristled brush most days with an occasional run through the dishwasher on the bottom rack and it has held up just fine.
Unlike other juicers, this model doesn't waggle around the counter top when turned on. All the parts still fit together nicely so there is little or no juice spray.
This is a great, durable juicer made for years of service. Highly recommended."

July 31, 2013

All I hoped for and more....

"After watching the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
( http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ ), I sought out the Breville company (Australian)... http://www.brevilleusa.com/ ..... who is the featured juicer in the film.

I was interested in the Juice Fountain Plus.... http://www.brevilleusa.com/the-juice-fountain-plus-je98xl.html

As fortune would have it, there was a big sale on Amazon for brand new juicers. The machines seem to be around the same price regardless of the seller or different sites. I lucked into a half price sale.

The juicer arrived just as advertised. The cleanup brush was missing but after a very friendly call to Breville, they sent me one quickly. I thought it would be more simple to phone the company rather than go through Amazon.

Although I haven't yet begun the full-on reboot juicing promoted in the film, I have used it quite a bit.

The machine is tremendous.

Very well built, extremely efficient, cleans in a snap and produces great juices of whatever one sends down the amply wide chute. No need to cut the veggies/fruit into small pieces.

It really does send the debris out of the machine into the companion container...or as I refer to it, my 1st. step of composting.

Later I purchased the corn starch container liners. You can find these here.... http://www.brevilleusa.com/clean-green.html Since they are compostable bags, when it gets full I just lift out and carry it out to my compost bin....couldn't be easier.

I am still experimenting with all the various combinations of fruits and veggies. There is a somewhat limited recipe book included with the juicer. I bought the recipe book offered on the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead web site...although there are thousands of recipes online.
Even with limited use so far, I am losing weight and feeling more energetic. Will soon start the complete 30 reboot....all thanks to the ease and efficiency of the Juice Fountain Plus.

I am so glad I bought this juicer. The rubber feet keeps the machine firmly in place on the counter.

The Breville company makes a high quality product.

May 15, 2013

A little disappointed

"After reading all the reviews, I was expecting FASTASTIC. I guess there is a learning curve to be considered. I'm almost ready to send it back, but it may just be my fault, so will give it one more try. Learned quickly that if you put pieces of firm fruit in without covering the chute instantly, you get pieces on the ceiling. I tried juicing kale and other leafy veggies, and found that they were put directly in the pulp chute without touching the blades... all wasted. Dr. Oz says to put flax seeds in the juicer. Well, that is also a waste. Not one seed hit the blades. The blueberries, blackberries and other softer veggies worked ok. A little leakage around the filter bowl was noted, but not bad. What I most object to in how wet the pulp was. I put it back through again, after cleaning the filter, and got two more cups of juice. I think the filter just needs to be cleaned frequently during the procedure. It gets quite clogged quickly. I'm wondering if chopping and steaming the kale before trying to juice it would help extract some juice???? I spent an hour making enough juice for three days, cleaning the filter frequently. It is very good and will stay fresh in the frig. I hope I will find the perfect process to use, but am saving the box just in case."

April 30, 2013


"I have had the Breville for about a week now. That was after anxiously waiting a month for delivery and we had to drive an hour and a half to pick it up when it finally came in. Thus far, I am very disappointed with it.
I have been juicing for a over a month now with a coworker. We juice in the morning and for lunch and have been using her Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. We juice all types of fruits and vegetables with it including leafy greens and berries without any problems and get a good amount of juice from everything including berries. Was so excited when I brought home the Breville and turned it on. What power!! I was going to go into brag at work about how much better the Breville was. Yep, not so. Hard items like apples and carrots seem fine. However, the pulp is very, very wet. Berries and leafy greens...forget it. Get a teaspoon (if lucky) of juice before everything is shot into the pulp container. Almost has too much power. I have done so much research and read all the reviews and am not seeing what a great juicer it is. Not quite ready to give up on it yet for everything I've put into it but at this point I really wish I had just gone with the Jack LaLanne."

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