Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster™

Easy and perfect toast every time. Dual action controls let you toast for two different tastes.

Motorized one-touch technology. Mechanized lowering for gentler handling. Consumer research led designers to add 'A Bit More'® browning and the 'Lift and Look'® features. Bagel setting knows to toast only on the inside.

Sleek, modern, brushed die-cast aluminum accents your kitchen with style. Extra-wide slots for artisanal breads, bagels, and pastries. Front pull-out crumb tray for no-lift cleaning.

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BTA840XL $179.95
  • Capacity

    1.2" wide by 5.2" deep

  • Function Settings

    'Lift and Look'®, 'A Bit More'®, Bagel, and Defrost

  • Additional Features

    Intelligent one-touch auto lowering
    Dual independent toast controls
    Toasting progress LED
    Variable browning control
    Innovative Auto ‘Lift and Look'®, and ‘A Bit More'®, functions
    Defrost, Bagel and Cancel

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


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November 25, 2015

Absoloutely wonderful Toaster

"We have several Breville products and wanted a simple to use, four slice toaster that offered a range of features and would give us evenly toasted bread, muffins, and frozen waffles. This toaster is every bit of that and it is easy to use, smaller than our previous monster. It toasts uniformly and through out not just the surface of the bread, leaving a soggy interior. An additional nice factor and not the least important, I think the operators manual which came with it is one of the finest works of it's type I have ever experienced. Easy to read, good pictures, and complete information printed on good paper. "

August 28, 2015

stopped toasting one one side

"The toaster stopped toasting on one side after the warranty ran out. Breville doesn't ship parts, but offered to fix it for $79 (including shipping) and covers the repair with a 6 month warranty. When I googled this toaster, I discovered it was a common problem. If I ever buy Breville again, I will need to factor in a third party warranty (like square trade). I would not complain about the repair fee if the toaster lasted 4 years before it broke."

January 3, 2015

Only 13 months old

"I've had my toaster since 11/2013. It only toasts on one side now. Of course the limited one year warranty is expired. $179 for a toaster that lasted a year. Next time I'll go to wal-mart. Sorry made products. "

January 13, 2014


"What a great toaster! Works beautifully! Definitely worth the price!"

January 9, 2014


"I ordered on line this toaster and literally had it plugged into my kitchen two days later. I researched toasters and was looking for the best, despite cost, and am pleased to report I am pleased with this product in every way. Came package to perfection and once plugged in, its functions were obvious. Very well defined and clear. I tried numerous different slices of bread, bagels, and English muffins only to be very pleased as to how the toaster worked.in toasting my bread products. Both sides of the toast get equal treatment and that satisfied my complaints with my previous toaster. I am impressed with the product and Breville. I will return when I have a need without any hesitation"

February 11, 2012


"This toaster has totally spoiled us. It makes perfect toast every time and in our opinion, is the best looking toaster on the market. Items like this are the reason we keep buying Breville!"

July 22, 2011

Breville stands behind their product!!

"I purchased the Die-Cast 4 Slice Toaster and experienced a problem with the one side of the toaster not operating properly (out of box failure). Customer service at Breville was outstanding. The customer service representative spent 15 minutes troubleshooting the problem and when we could not resolve it over the phone arranged for a new toaster to be sent. I received an online pre-paid Fed Ex return label and within 1 week I had a brand new perfectly working toaster. I'm a realist and understand that things break, and Breville stands behind their products.

Now for the toaster….it’s awesome, working great and I’ll continue to add Breville products to my growing collection, (Ikon Juice Fountain and Wok) 5 Stars for great product and great customer support!

February 16, 2011

The first toaster that actually works

"I have looked for years for a toaster that simply was consistent. I received my first Breville appliance as a gift, the 4 slice smart toaster. I found the setting I like and EVERY time it comes out exactly the same, both sides. The ability to toast only the face of a bagel is wonderful. Knowing how long I have before the toast is done is a bonus (I want everything to be ready to apply to my toasted product so it doesn't sit there getting cold), and yes I am an engineer.
I now have the Breville single cup brewer as well. Look I am cheap and don't normally go out and buy the most expensive product on the market, but I also understand the value of quality. Thank you, Breville for giving me a few things less to worry about in the morning. I like that.

February 15, 2011

Prefect toast...

"It's Breville, so there isn't much to say! Their products rock. My kitchen is pretty much made of Breville products and there isn't a bad one. I've had them for years and they all are still working great and the stainless steel is still looking amazing!"

November 26, 2010

Great Product

"This is the best toaster ever !!! Exact settings with consistent results.

I just wish that II was allowed to throw the contents of the crumb tray over my shoulder like Adele :-). "

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