Deep Fryer

The Breville Deep Fryer is ideal for gourmet hors d'œuvres, spur-of-the moment snacks, and classic meals. Flash-frying seals the outside of food for minimal oil absorption.

Fry crispy golden French fries, egg rolls, fried chicken, potato chips, donuts, fish filets, fruit, tofu, and shrimp, or jazz up some mozzarella sticks for the kids.

The innovative flat Cool Plate™ at the base of the pan allows you to use ¼ less oil than a conventional deep fryer. The oil heats gently and maintains a consistent temperature, with a clean flavor — so you can reuse it many times over.

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BDF600XL $149.95

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  • Food Capacity

    2.2lb (1kg) Frying Basket<br />

  • Additional Features

    'Load and Drain' frying basket
    Variable temperature control 320°F – 375°F
    Removable vessel with pouring spout
    Lid with viewing window
    Automatic shut-off protection
    Permanent mesh filter vent

  • Innovations

    Cool Plate™ Technology

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


  • Notes on Features

    Cool Plate™ Technology heating element is positioned closer to the bottom of the oil vessel. This creates a larger ‘Fry Zone’ and allows more food to be cooked with less oil (1lb potato French fries in 3qts oil).

    Oil repeatedly heated above a 'Smoke Point' temperature breaks down, affecting oil color, taste, and smell. The Cool Plate™ Element's large, flat surface area gently heats the oil. In comparison, standard tube elements may fluctuate up to 70°F hotter, damaging the oil.

    Prevent oil splatter with the ‘Load or Drain’ frying basket, which prevents oil splatter when uncooked foods are immersed and frying. When frying is complete, the basket may be propped up to drain excess oil.

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April 21, 2015

Wish I had gotten the other one!

"At first I was happy with this fryer and very proud of it, but after having it for a short period of time, I noticed that when the light indicated that I had reached the desired temperature, and as I lowered the basket into the hot oil, there was no violent reaction, they just sorta sat there..On further examination, I found that there was a large temperature variance from the set point. I have stopped using it because I don’t want to ruin $75 worth of oysters and not have anything decent to feed my dinner party......"

March 23, 2015


"When we first got it we deep fried shrimp....OMGosh it was as good if not better than red lobster. everything has came out well above restraunt quality..breville makes superior quality products. I own the smart grill, wok pro,bread maker, boss blender, pro sous food processor, smart convection toaster oven, tea maker. Buy one and youll become addicted. I want the smart microwave next."

February 24, 2015

safety switch failure

"great fryer, but the safety switch behind the unit must be set correctly or it shuts off in the middle of frying. amazingly, no one tells you about this.. mine has gotten old and things aren't as tight as when i bought it.
i think i am going to delete the switch and rewire it. it's useless as it is now. and too old to get service without a hassle. hell. it doesn't even show on my list of items"

February 24, 2015

Brevville with cool plate

"I have used the this fryer several times and love it. I did a cooking class for 16 people frying Chinese food. The food was crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. They were amazed at how well it fried and how little oil was used in the frying process. I did 4 batches of chicken and there was hardly any oil on the paper towel I had below.

It is a breeze to clean, it is fantastic how it comes completely apart so easy to wash and put back together!

The oil container is sturdy, but light weight and has a pour spout that is great for removing the old oil. I think you will be getting mores sales on this product from my class. "

February 5, 2012

Deep fryer

"This fryer makes home frying a pleasure instead of a chore. Since purchasing this I even look for recipes which include deep frying. The oil stays a constant temperature, and easy to clean. I made french fries in the fryer which turned out great, Temp. 350, plunge the fries in the oil until the light comes on, pull them up for the few moments it takes the oil to recover then fry for an additional 4 minutes or so. So yummy, crispy on the outside tender on the inside, my fry bread turned out equally as well."

December 19, 2010

Better than any fryer I have used before

"I used my fryer for the first time this evening. I could not believe how well it held the temperature throughout each batch that I fried. The oil came out clean after lengthly use because it never over heated. The fryer heated rapidly, within a few minutes after I turned it on.

I have owned several deep fryers but they were worthless because they did not heat the oil properly and they were a mess to clean. The Breville Fryer is easy to clean.

I am very happy with my purchase as I am with all six other Breville appliances that I own. Breville is setting a new standard for quality in the small appliance. "

November 19, 2010

Better than my other Fryer!

"I used my new Breville fryer for the first time tonight - for calamari. I have fried calamari many times before, but never as good as this. They browned quickly which left them crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. And it is true - I used less oil than in other fryers. "

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