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the Crispy Crust™ Pizza Maker

Crispy Crust Stone Baked Pizza

How do you create the crispiness of a brick-oven pizza without bricks?

Top and bottom heating elements heat the oven stone to a high of 660°, replicating the cooking environment of a brick oven.

Choose from thin, medium or thick pizza dough settings to suite your preferred style. Viewing window allows you to monitor cooking progress without the need of opening the top lid.

Quicker than delivery.

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BPZ600XL $149.95

Williams - Sonoma exclusive

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  • Capacity

    12 inch pizza capacity cooks a pizza in as little as 8 minutes

  • Pizza Capacity

    12 inch

  • Controls

    Pre-Heat, Thin, Medium, Thick, Low & Keep Warm temperature settings

  • Included Accessories

    Removable 12” pizza stone that absorbs moisture and distributes heat evenly for a crispy crust

  • Construction

    Powdercoated Metal

  • Voltage

    110 - 120 Volts

  • Wattage

    1200 Watts

  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement

  • Dimensions


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December 31, 2015

Pointless Product

"This product serves no purpose.
Claims are misleading, too. It does get 660 deg. On preheat. But you don't cook at that temp. You cook at a temp well within the range of your kitchen oven or toaster oven.

It will make you 1 small, thin, pizza at a time. One pizza was enough for my tiny mother, so it's not much. And since it cooks 1 at a time, you serve one. They eat it. They finish by the time the next one is ready and the next persons eats. So everyone eats alone while everyone else watches them. Or, you can wait for all to be done and serve cold pizza.

And somehow, they do all this uselessness is a huge space. It's massive! And the pizza is still so tiny! I can fit 8 pizza stones in the same volume with room to spare, for less money, and all fit in my normal sized kitchen oven at once (2 racks) so everyone can be served as a group.

Bottom line, no mater what you think of it, the oven you already own does the same thing, but with more capacity. And you already own it. "

February 21, 2015

Be aware of its limitations, and you'll be very happy

"As we've never been satisfied with pizzas baked on a stone in a (big) conventional oven, we bought this maker with the hope it would do the trick for us. And it does -- as long as you keep the following in mind:
> It is not for thick pizzas, either the kind piled high with toppings or built on tall crusts. Keep your pies on the thin side.
> It is not for making one pizza to feed a group. It's basically one pizza for one or two people, depending on appetites.
> That said, it's great for parties where you want to continually turn out pizzas. You can bake them 5-7 minutes apart. Terrific fun, especially if you let folks design their own.
> You're gonna mess up your stone, so get over it early. (The instructions say you can take sandpaper to a badly stained stone -- we're not there yet, but we can see where that would help with the stone's aesthetics, if nothing else.)
> Do not leave a finished pizza in the oven, on the stone, with the setting at "Warm" -- the bottom will beocme charcoal When the pizza's done, transfer to a plate and enjoy right away. (Given the smaller size, there's no need to keep it "warm" -- it'll be eaten in minutes.)
> Remember after you've pre-heated the oven (using the setting), turn it down when you place your pizza inside. "Pre-heat" is the highest setting, and you'll fry your pie if you forget this step.
> There's a terrific on-line video with this trick for transferring your pizza to the oven for baking: Assemble it on parchment paper (slightly bigger than your pie's diameter), then slide the parchment/pie onto a peel, then slide the parchment/pie off the peel and on to the stone. Bake for two minutes, then slide the parchment out from under the pie, and bake for the remaining time. Works like a charm. If you do this from day one, you'll never mess up your stone.
> A great advantage to this maker is that it doesn't heat up your kitchen, as a big conventional oven does.
Our recommendation -- buy one and enjoy!"

December 25, 2014

disapointed with Quality of Christmas Present

"Opened my Christmas present and heard something rattling inside oven , when I opened the Oven up, I found that it was a loose screw that I heard rattling, the screw was to hold down lower element in oven ... second screw for the element holder was missing all together .... I went to reinstall the one screw I found and it was striped when trying to install in either hole .... check other screws in oven and found that the screws holding down other side of element were there but also striped ...so looking at it closer now ... found the paint on lid is bubbling up badly on finish ... I am sure this was a hot item for Breville for this Christmas .... but quality suffered on mine ...... still going to try to make my first pizza after making repairs to new unit .... but am very concerned about what else was not put together correctly .... "

September 26, 2014

I'm happy with my pizza maker

"I am a widowed senior whose son comes for dinner sometimes. So my family is now small. I love my pizza maker. The size is right for me. I usually prepare two small pizzas...one after another...sometimes with different ingredients. I get to experiment. I make my dough in my mixer or Sous Chef. I do wish the top element were higher. There was one time when I piled a lot of toppings on, and there was a place where it got extra brown. I know my machine now and haven't had that happen since. It is great that I don't have to handle a big pizza stone and heat it is the oven for a long time. This is an energy and time saver for me. I am not buying pizzas at my warehouse store now because my crust tastes better, and everything tastes fresher."

August 13, 2014

I am very disappointed in this product

"This was an engagement party gift, so I thought I'd try it out with a house full of guests. Mistake, I am very disappointed in this product. My first experience; after hours of prepping our own pizza dough and cutting toppings with my niece and nephews, the unit would not heat up. What a flop! That night we eat dinner at 10pm after we had to cook 8 individual pizzas in the kitchen oven. My little 2 year old niece said it best, BOOO! It was my mistake not trying out the pizza maker prior to the Pizza Party. Since this was a gift, I don’t have a receipt for purchase and not sure how to fix my never used non-functional Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker. "

May 25, 2014

Breville Pizza Maker

"I read the other reviews and yes, it makes a smaller pizza, but worth the wait if you need to make another. I don't have a problem transferring the pizza to the stone. I prepare the pizza on a lightly floured parchment paper, place the pizza on the parchment paper on the stone. Let it bake for about two minutes and slide the pizza off the parchment paper. If you leave the parchment paper in the oven too long, it will scorch. Perfect crust and pizza each time. The family loves homemade pizza using this appliance. If you get a stubborn stain on the stone, use baking soda and water to remove. Stones will get stains, but that's the beauty of a well seasoned stone, it doesn't affect the quality or taste of the pizza. Love this product!"

December 23, 2013

Breville Pizza Oven BPZ600XL

"I bought the pizza oven yesterday. Used it today for the first time. I had trouble transferring the pizza to the stone - unless you have a pizza wheel its difficult, some pizza topping spilled on the stone and burned into it. I am having a hard time cleaning it, even though I followed all of the instructions. My second pizza was baked in the regular oven since I could not properly clean this product. I am very disappointed. After one use I can't use the stone anymore."

December 5, 2013

Another winner from Breville!

"Wow! Perfect pizza on the first try. My husband bought this for me and I was so afraid it would be another "toy" to find a place for but it may just stay on the kitchen counter permanently. I found it very easy to get the pizza onto the stone and although it only makes a small pizza, it takes no time to have a second one ready. I have tried pizza stones, a cast iron griddle, cookie sheets but nothing has produced a pizza as good as this.
For those who complain about toppings, true Italian pizza generally has very light toppings - far less than the typical American pizza.
Love this product."

October 7, 2013

Great Product.. but

"Okay.. if you are making thin or moderately thick pizza, this is a great appliance. Note to others. Get a Pizza Docker or make sure to poke holes so that it doesn't form bubbles that touch the element. Also, make sure you are preparing your dough in advance so that the dough has already risen from the yeast and settled prior to forming your pizza. I only make Neopolitan style thinner crust pizza's and this is fantastic. I use the recipe by Heston Blumenthal from his book In Search of Perfection. It uses 00 Flour, Malt Syrup, Active Yeast, Water and Salt. I've made Margheritta, Prosciutto, Salami, Garlic and Chicken Pizzas and all turned out great.

My problem is the cleaning of the stone and top cover as well as the height of the top element. BUT.. the Pizzas are sooo good !!"

September 29, 2013

Made second pizza

"This was a birthday gift, so I thought I'd try it. Received with all you need from Williams Sonoma. I decided to read the reviews to see if I was doing something wrong or if others were having the same problem.
I see that others had the top burning problem. After using it twice, I agree, why get a bulky machine that you have to store when you can get a stone and use your oven without the smoking up of the kitchen and burnt taste of the food.
It does cook quickly, but the top element touches the pizza and burns it, even though the second one I made much smaller with only 3 toppings.
You don't want to use fresh vegetables with water content because the juice will burn onto the stone. I tried selecting the thick crust setting, which was better, but still gad burnt areas.
You definitely can't make a 12 inch pizza. The recipes say roll out to 9.5 inches.
All the trouble to make dough and prepare toppings, it's a shMe to have burnt food. Disappointed.


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