the Smart Waffle™ Pro 2 Slice

2 Slice with no-mess moat and Waffle IQ™

The Waffle Maker That Knows the Correct Cooking Time

Good waffle batters start with sticky ingredients. How do you make crispy golden waffles without the mess ?

The wide wrap around moat catches and cooks overflow for easy cleanup.

With Waffle IQ™, the cooking time is automatically calculated to suit your waffle style and color. 

Simply select  Belgian, Classic, Chocolate or Buttermilk, your preferred color from light to dark and pour in the waffle batter - the waffle maker will do the rest.

There is also a custom setting which allows you to set your own waffle style.

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BWM620XL $199.95
  • Capacity

    2 Slice

  • Controls

    Waffle type select allows you to choose from 4 different batters and a custom setting
    Browning control allows you to customize your waffle color from light to dark with 12 different settings

  • Nonstick Surface

    Premium PFOA-free non-stick prevents waffles from sticking

  • Additional Features

    Thermal engineered heating elements ensure even heat distribution. Timer and progress indicator will automatically begin to count down once the lid is closed. A Bit More™ adds additional time to get your waffle just right without having to reset the timer.

  • Included Accessories

    BPA-free dosing cup for easy no-mess pouring

  • Construction

    Stainless steel housing with cast aluminium cooking plates. Deep cooking plates for thicker, fluffier waffles

  • Voltage

    110 - 120 Volts

  • Wattage

    1000 Watts

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

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December 30, 2015


"Expensive for a waffle iron but worth every dime. This makes the very best waffles I've ever had, and everyone else agrees with me. It delivers exactly what you ask for, all with the turn of a knob. And with no cleanup."

December 23, 2013

Waffle lovers, welcome to the 21st century!

"I was looking for a waffle iron that could reliably and repeatedly make Belgian Liege waffles without the expense of an HVD or Krampouz cast iron $1,000+ machine such as is used in Europe. Knowing what fanatics the Breville appliance people are and seeing that they’ve just introduced a new line of waffle makers, the Waffle Pro I decided to investigate. I have the two slice model.
This is a very well thought out appliance, like all Breville products; it appears that they actually use them for their intended purpose before they put them on the market. The lid has a latch to keep it closed when stored, there’s a hidden storage spot to wind the cord around underneath, and a couple of great slip-proof grips on either side to carry it with. The brushed stainless steel finish and the “A bit more” button let you know that it’s a serious product.
Two things caught my eye, the cast aluminum waffle plates are thermally engineered with strategically placed heating elements to provide uniform temperatures across the entire cooking surface and the heating elements are higher power than a typical waffle iron. My old four-slice Belgian waffle iron is 900 watts, the two-slice Waffle Pro is 1,000 watts and the four-slice BWM640XL is 1,800 watts. Why should you care? Look at it this way; first you heat up the waffle iron. When it’s ready, the cooking plate temperature is around 380°F, then you pour room temperature batter onto it – the result is that the plate surface temperature drops, a lot. To get crispy, lightly browned waffles you want the surface temperature to be back at that 380° F mark before the cooking time is up. With 900 watts over four slices, that’s not going to happen.
What Breville has done is to add more power and to integrate automatic control over the cooking. It’s got a great LCD display; you turn the selector switch on and then select the type of waffle that you’re cooking. It has four pre-set waffle types (Belgian, Classic, Chocolate, and Buttermilk) and a custom setting as a fifth option. When you first turn the iron on, the display is a pleasing blue color. Once it heats up, the display turns orange so that you know it’s ready to cook and it gives you a nice little beep, not obnoxious or obtrusive (I’d argue that it may be too quiet if you have a noisy kitchen). It also has a browning level dial with 12 increments as well as a restart and the ingenious “A bit more” button.
The question is, how well does it do its job? I cooked up several batches of regular waffles, the Breville eBook Liege Waffle recipe, and “pumpkinwaffles” Liege Waffle Recipe, from his Gaufre de Liège Recette Blog http://liegewaggledotwordpressdotcom.
Normally, I use a four slice waffle maker to keep up with the family. With the Waffle Pro, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all I needed to do was pour the batter on the heated waffle iron, close the lid, it would calculate the optimum cooking time, start the countdown and then beep when time was up. I was cranking our more regular and buttermilk waffles faster and much more consistently cooked with this two slice version that I can with my old four-slice iron. It’s impressive. I could even attend to other kitchen duties in between. Times within a batch were pretty consistent, ranging from 3:15 to 3:45 and about 2:15 with the Liege waffles (minutes:seconds). I found that using a ladle that holds about 5 ounces was optimum to fill up each side. Trying to use the measuring cup was not as easy and messier – although the iron does have a very nice overflow tough.
How was my Liege waffle experiment? I found the Breville recipe to be a bit dry and it did not have much of a soft brioche like inside as I would have expected, it’s very dark brown outside as the sugar is pretty cooked. Now, the Liege recipes are dough recipes so you’re putting little mini-football shaped dough balls on the cooking surface. The other recipe takes an overnight stint in the frig and is much more involved – however, I can claim SUCCESS! I achieved a nicely caramelized crunchy outside, lightly browned with a nice soft interior. Pretty amazing, hats off to the Breville designers.
So, what didn’t I like? Well, the lid has a nice handle to open it up – however, it swings on an arc and reached a height of 15” at its peak – unfortunately you can’t use it on a counter where you have overhead cabinets; you just can’t get it open without banging into the cabinets. You need open counter space where it can open up freely. Luckily we have an island with a power outlet so that worked out well. Secondly, the waffle plates do not come out so you have to clean them in place. With the regular and buttermilk waffles, it really is a breeze, a few wipes with a sponge and dry with a clean cloth and you’re done. With the Liege Waffles and all that caramelized sugar (none of it burned by the way) I ended up with melted sugar on the bottom of the iron grids, pretty thick in some places. It took a bit of doing with a toothpick but it does come really clean due to the great non-stick surface (I did try to clean up the melted sugar when the iron was still warm/hot but I just ended up with a sticky mess and had to let it cool down to get anywhere).
Highly recommended!"

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