the 'Lift and Look'® Touch

4 slice motorized long slot toaster with ‘Lift and Look’® and ‘A Bit More’® for any shape bread at the touch of a button.

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BTA630XL $79.95
  • Capacity

    4-slice, long-slot configuration

  • Additional Features

    Motorized carriage with push button controls
    One touch ‘A Bit More’®
    One touch Motorized ‘Lift and Look’®
    Adjustable browning control
    LED toasting progress indicator
    Easy clean, slide out crumb tray
    Extra long toasting slots
    Extra wide, self-centering slots
    Cool-Touch exterior
    Toast ready sound alert
    Compact cord storage
    Bagel setting
    Defrost setting

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


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October 25, 2016

Very Good Toaster

"I've had this toaster for several years now and it has worked flawlessly! It is the first Breville product I purchased and it hasn't been my last! I use it for toast and for bagels and haven't experienced any problem from it! The controls and slide bar are simple to use and understand and once you get your desired toasting number set you don't have to touch it again! It makes the perfect batch time after time."

October 2, 2016

Great design, Chinese quality construction

"After 2 years, one element panel on one slot stopped working. Struggled along with that problem for another year, but now only one panel of elements in one slot is working.
Seems to me appliances like toasters used to work until you got tired of the design and wanted a new one more features. But the old appliances use to toast your bread, at least."

April 13, 2015

Defective Product with zero Customer Support once 1 year Ltd Warranty Expires

"Purchased a Breville 4 slice toaster, model BTA630XL 3 years ago. Since day 1 the toaster would periodically freeze up. The toast will stay stuck in the down position with lights flashing. Was advised early on to pull the plug, wait several minutes, plug it back into the wall outlet and pray that it resets. This method worked until 2 days ago when replugging and waiting no longer fixes the problem. It's clearly a design defect which customer service refuses to replace or repair at their cost when the 1 year warranty runs out. A company that offers a reliable product should stand behind it for far more then a year when the problem is clearly a design flaw and not due to misuse or abuse. Their marketing strategy is clearly based on 1 time sales and not on satisfied repeat customers.


September 30, 2014

So disappointed

"We purchased this three years ago and paid over $80 for it and now one side doesn't toast and all of the words are gone. I loved the look of this toaster but so disappointed that I paid so much for something that only worked well for THREE years. I did contact customer service only to be offered a small discount or to pay $40 to have it fixed. I really don't see a point in paying that to have it fixed when I can go to walmart and get a brand new toaster for that. I really expected more for this brand after what I paid for it. I will NEVER buy anything from this brand again!!"

July 24, 2014


"I received your toaster today and after following all the instructions, proceeded to try out the product. The toast on the left slot was darker brown on the outside and less so on the side next to the center element. The toast on the right side was only brown on the outer side and completely untoasted on the side next to the center element. What a big disappointment as I like the toaster otherwise. This is either a poor quality product or the shipper UPS did not handle it with care although Bed Bath and Beyond (online purchase) did a good job of packing it. I called Breville first since I'd like to try this toaster one more time. They suggested sending it to them and not to BBB. I emailed proof of my purchase from BBB and Breville is to send me a label to allow free return postage via FED EX. Even if they allow and return and send me a new toaster, I am concerned about the actual quality and reliability of this product. Considering the high price, I really did not expect the poor results of this product. "

November 28, 2013

Super toaster

" I bought this toaster a year ago. It was the first time I quit buying cheap toasters that only lasted a few months. The Breville toaster is truly outstanding and it is still working!!! LIke new!!! Toasting is uniform and perfect. I never heard of Breville before I bought this toaster. Breville has my respect."

July 18, 2013

Excellent toaster -lift & look BTA630XL

"After a year we still think this is the best toaster made. We slice our own long loaf breads and all is perfect!!"

June 24, 2013

Words Disappearing

"Love the toaster. Only a few months old and words in each function in black print are wearing off FAST. exactly as the reviewer stated 2/8/13"

February 8, 2013

Words washed off!

"I like that I can toast larger sized slices, as I do make my own bread often. Great for thicker items like bagels.

Toasts just okay. Mine is darker on top and lighter on the bottom, so I usually have to flip it then hit 'a bit more' button to get it nice and even. If I make two batches of toast one after the other, the second batch gets burnt totally black!

The very first time wiping the toaster clean with just a damp cloth, most of the words that denote each button's purpose wiped away!!! I still don't get how an expensive item like this should have problem like that! Did no one in quality control department test this???"

February 4, 2013

Toasts unevenly

"Yes, the features are great, but it got the basic toasting function wrong. The top two heating threads do not heat like the lower threads, producing lighter-on-top, darker-on-the-bottom toast. I tried two units and they both had the same issue, so I believe it is just a basic design flaw. Save your money!"

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