Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster™

Easy and perfect toast every time. Dual action controls let you toast for two different tastes.

Motorized one-touch technology. Mechanized lowering for gentler handling. Consumer research led designers to add 'A Bit More'® browning and the 'Lift and Look'® features. Bagel setting knows to toast only on the inside.

Sleek, modern, brushed die-cast aluminum accents your kitchen with style. Extra-wide slots for artisanal breads, bagels, and pastries. Front pull-out crumb tray for no-lift cleaning.

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BTA840XL $179.99
  • Capacity

    1.2" wide by 5.2" deep

  • Function Settings

    'Lift and Look'®, 'A Bit More'®, Bagel, and Defrost

  • Additional Features

    Intelligent one-touch auto lowering
    Dual independent toast controls
    Toasting progress LED
    Variable browning control
    Innovative Auto ‘Lift and Look'®, and ‘A Bit More'®, functions
    Defrost, Bagel and Cancel

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


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August 26, 2010

Bravo Breville, Bravo!

"This is a superb product. After a couple of years of loving this toaster in California, we have moved to Europe and I am on this website trying to find the exact same product in a 230V model.

The Bentley of toasters - Like a Rolls but with a decent dashboard."

March 3, 2010

After way over 70 years of hype, toasting perfection

"I'm pretty old now, and I have been through one heck of a lot of toasters, from Germany to the U.S.A., from the early ones where you opened up a door of each side to turn the bread around to toast the other side to the modern motor operated ones, and this Breville is the first that actually lives up to its claims. It toasts evenly on both sides, accepts all reasonably sized and types of bread and does a decent job on bagels. In fact, it is the only toaster I have owned that really toasts evenly, apparently no small accomplishment since all companies claim it, but none live up to what they promise. It is also incredibly fast in doing its job, and is very easy to set and clean up. It is true that the "A Bit More" feature is more like a re-warm function, but so what....the re-warm function is more useful anyway, and lowering the toast for a shorter setting is easily done manually. It is expensive, it fact 3 times the price of the Russell Hobbs (A past "Best Toaster") it replaced, but it actually does 3 times better a job in bread handling and toasting. No more digging around in the slots for shorter bread slices, and no more fetching light in weight pieces of toast that shoot across the room (One of the more fun features of the Russell Hobbs....really....gives it personality). 100% recommended! i own the Die-cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster: BTA840XL.


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