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Thought for Food, the Breville video series - featuring top chefs, culinary brilliance. Chef Jamie Bissonnette and the Smart Oven BOV800XL

the Smart Oven®

with Element IQ™

The 1800 watt countertop oven that does the thinking for you. Automatically adjusts the independent heating elements ensuring an exact cooking process. 9 menu functions suggest the ideal temperature and time, and the oven remembers them for the next use.

Toasts evenly, makes delicious cookies, bakes perfect pizza, and roasts succulent meat.

The convection option speeds your cooking time by as much as 30%.

Product Dimensions: (L) 18.5" x (D) 16.25" x (H) 11.25" • 17lbs

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BOV800XL $249.99
  • Capacity

    6-slice toast
    13" (33 cm) pizza capacity
    0.8 cu ft (.02 cu m) interior

  • Element IQ

    Element IQ™ puts the power where it’s needed most. For each of the 9 pre-set programs, Element IQ™ delivers the right power at the right time and when adjusted to taste, it even remembers.

  • Convection

    An inbuilt fan that circulates the hot air within the oven. It speeds the cooking process by stripping away the cold air that surrounds your food.

  • Pre-set Functions

    9 pre-set programs, Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat and Warm.

  • Nonstick Cavity Coating

    The walls on the inside of the oven feature a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

  • Additional Features

    Function Dial
    Time Dial
    Temperature Conversion Button
    Frozen Foods Defrost Button
    Backlit, Easy-Read LCD
    Convection Fan
    Pull-Out Crumb Tray
    Insulated Dual Wall Door and Glass Window

  • Included Accessories

    13" (33 cm) non-stick pizza pan
    12" × 12" enamel baking pan
    12" × 12" enamel broil rack
    (30.5cm × 30.5cm)

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


  • Notes on Features

    Element IQ™ puts the power where it’s needed most. For each of the 9 pre-set programs, Element IQ™ delivers the right power at the right time and when adjusted to taste, it even remembers.

    9 pre-set programs, Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat and Warm.

    Auto-Rack Eject for easy removal of hot items.

  • Innovations

    Element IQ™
    Auto-Rack Eject

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August 18, 2012

Perfection....great oven.

"Very excited about this oven! My husband and I have been using a toaster oven for years, doing 95% of our oven baking in a toaster oven.

One problem we found was the HEAT that is generated when cooking long periods of time. Our old one ran us out of the kitchen; the only way you could stand it was to lower the air conditioner temp. For months we vowed to find a better unit. Our research always leads us to high-end products, with high-end price tags. From past experience, we knew we would get what we pay for. I saw the Breville Smart Oven on line and to our delight we walked in a kitchen specialty shop that has a kitchen setup for cooking classes. They were using this oven, to top it off; they had just finished baking in it. I had the opportunity to feel the heat it generated, and to touch the surfaces around it. AMAZING! The heat it generated was minimal compared to a regular toaster oven. Of course it has some hot spots, but we can live with that. Seeing this unit out of the box, and it use sold us on the spot. We love it, and we don't have to turn the air on, or leave the room. The features and quality of this oven rates five stars. I will recommend this product over tradition toaster ovens. It is well worth it.

August 11, 2012

Everything I expected and more

"Whenever I plan to purchase a new appliance, I research the product thoroughly. I was looking for a new toaster oven that could do more than just toast bread. I was also looking for one that could perform the same functions as my regular oven without heating up my house during the summer months. I had never heard of Breville so I concentrated my search on the other brands. Most of them had one to three star ratings. Then the overall five star rating for the Breville Smart Oven caught my eye so I read the reviews. There were only a few cons that concerned me: you need a 20amp circuit just for the oven with nothing else going on that circuit, the oversized plug that you have to be so careful to keep it (and the cord) from touching the back of the oven which gets extremely hot and the accessories that are included could be of much better quality considering the price of the toaster oven. Other than these cons, the reviews were so outstanding and helpful; I went to the store to check it out. The salesperson let me have a demonstration using the display model and I was definitely impressed with all of the features. Though this toaster oven was more expensive than what I was planning to spend, the features surpassed my expectations and I bought it. So far, I have not been disappointed (except for the cons previously mentioned) and I have already used it numerous times. Also, not only does it perform the same functions as my regular oven, it does so more efficiently. I give this toaster oven a 4.5 star rating and would highly recommend it. "

August 8, 2012

"Its the best"

"I purchased this oven at the recommendation of a friend. It is awesome. It more than replaced my old counter top oven and toaster. It performs all functions (defrosts and toasts, roasts, broils and bakes) better than all my prior appliances combined. I love to cook and this allows me to cook meals for 2 without heating up the entire kitchen. Don't think I'll ever use my wall oven again! Thank you Breville!"

July 17, 2012

Love My Breville!

"I purchased my Breville oven 4 days ago, and I am loving it! Normally I do not write reviews, but this oven is well worth the money. I have used it for baking chicken and pork ribs. Everything has come out tender and juicy. My husband and I are so happy with this purchase."

July 14, 2012

Very nice oven

" I have bought this oven after my Oyster oven died after only one year. I looked on the net and found this oven to have the best ratings.
From what I can tell I like this oven very much already everything from the large display to the features. Only one thing but it is a minor one is there is no clock but thats OK. looking forward to many years using this oven from the land down under."

June 28, 2012


"I recently bought one of these for my apartment at college because I'm a health nut and am always cooking. This thing is awesome. I have yet to try all the settings but I have used the roast, broil, and toast and they've all been great. My only complaint would be that it gets too hot too fast, which isn't even a bad thing. "

May 30, 2012

Love this oven!

"I got my oven 4 days ago - I love it! I have baked cookies, biscuits, cobbler & loaves of bread! I have also warm gluten free bread in it. All great!
I love the fact that I can bake one loaf of whole wheat bread without heating up the big oven. Plus the bread seems softer.
Can't wait to do a pizza in it!
Only wish I could find more recipes where the Smart oven was used. Would love to see what others are doing."

April 7, 2012


"Right out of the box, this is the best toaster oven on the market. We absoulutly love this product. It cooks everything evenly and consistently. Th best thing is that it doesn't heat up the whole kitchen in the process. We purchased the pizza stone and the cutting board and as doesn't happen that often, everything works better than advertised. Great product we would recommend it whole heartedly."

April 2, 2012


"After spending 3 weeks at my daughters house and using one of these, I just had to get one myself!

Out of the box, ran my setup, then baked some fresh cookies for my husband! I couldn't ask for more! He love's fresh baked cookies, and there is only the 2 of us, so baking a whole bunch is a waste. Now, I just pop a few on my Pamper Chef Stoneware and out comes 5 warm cookies!

I'm also looking forward to fresh warm rolls for dinner. Buy the frozen premade ones, pop just a few in the oven and out comes crisp outside warm and moist inside dinner rolls.

Again, LOVING IT!!! "

February 15, 2012

Brilliant Engineering!

"I bought this oven back in December during one of that world-famous department store's famous holiday sales, and I just have to say that I love it. It cooks and bakes beautifully; mini-crossaints are never too dark, thanks to the preferred toasting setting, and items like chicken patties cook perfectly in just enough time, and come out tender and golden.
Haven't cooked a chicken or baked a pie in it yet, but I would not hesitate to. Love the 'memory' feature, which automatically programs the oven just how light (or dark) your toast was days before, or how long your chicken breast cooked - how brilliant is that? An oven with a mind! Also love that convection feature, which takes it one level above all other toaster ovens on the market. The thorough convection heat ensures that your food is completely cooked, and never burned. And it's so esthetically pleasing; beautifully engineered in stainless steel, with easy-to-read liquid displays, and easy-to-use knobs. Nothing cheap or unattractive about this machine! Even on a great sale, it was well worth the price. Quality always tells, and I hope to be using and enjoying it for many more years. Thank you, Breville for an excellent product!"

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