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the Smart Grill™

Removable Plate Grill & BBQ with Element IQ™

Breville designers re-envisioned the craft of indoor grilling. Dishwasher safe plates embedded with smart heating elements inspire pitch-perfect results.

Top quality non-stick indoor grill with six height settings and integrated drip tray. Adjust the height to avoid crushing food or open it all the way up in 180° barbecue mode.

Temperature responsive LCD display colorfully alerts when the grill is ready to go. Tilt the bottom plate to drain fats in the easy-to-handle drip tray.

The grill unfolds flat to provide a large cooking surface.

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BGR820XL $299.95
  • Plate Design

    Removable plates with fully imbedded cooking elements. Easy cleaning and optimal cooking performance.

  • Plate Configuration

    Interchangable cast aluminium non-stick plates

  • Temperature Control

    Digital temperature control

  • Floating Hinge

    Floating hinge to maintain even pressure on both thick or thin items

  • Adjustable Height Control

    6 Adjustable height settings to avoid crushing food or to heat pizza or make open style melts.

  • Removable Drip Tray


  • Cleaning

    Dishwasher safe drip tray, removable dishwasher safe, non stick plates

  • Additional Features

    Removable, dishwasher safe plates
    Bottom ‘Plate Release’
    Top ‘Plate Release’
    Opens flat to ‘BBQ Mode’
    Temperature dial with Low, Panini and Sear Modes
    Temperature responsive LCD – blue to orange
    Temperature conversion button
    30 Minute timer dial with sound alert
    1 hour Auto shut-off
    6 Adjustable height settings
    Locking storage clip
    Adjustable plate tilt
    Integrated, removable drip tray

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


  • Innovations

    Element IQ™

  • Design Notes

    Designed in Australia

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June 11, 2015


"I have had this grill for almost 2years now and it has not failed me yet its a great grill"

December 26, 2014

Needs Additional Plates to Function

"This is a fabulous appliance. But only AFTER you purchase another panini/grill plate. It seems like a serious design flaw that this is sold with only one panini plate and one griddle plate. For $300, one should BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY MAKE A PANINI. Supremely disappointed.

Please include both sets of plates with this grill. When spending this kind of money, it is unacceptable not to."

February 14, 2014

Exceptional product

"I have a houseful of good products & almost never write a review. I expect them to be good. That's why I purchase them. This one, however is over the top. This one is so easy to use it is amazing. However, the most amazing thing is the clean-up. A little soap & water & about 3 minutes or less it is spotless. Whether you clean it while the plates are still slightly warm, or if you leave them over night, they immediately turn loose of the charred remains. I am excited every time I use it (about once a week). I would advise anyone to purchase the additional plate. It makes the food as beautiful to look at as it is tasty to eat."

November 24, 2012

Worth Every Penny

"I am the guy who tests everything. You know the type, that little boy who took his daddy's drill apart just to see how it worked. Well I didn't take this grill apart but I did test it. I turned it to full sear and let it heat. Once I heard the beep I turned around to my freezer and pulled out some chicken breast and placed in on the grill. Closed the lid and let it cook. Ten minutes later I checked the temperature and it was 185 degrees. I was shocked and although chicken is supposed to be cooked to 165f this chicken was moist and tasty. No marinade, rub, or seasoning at all.

I would recommend this product to anyone. The only reason I marked four stars instead of five is because I would like to have a place to select between the bottom and top plates. "

February 5, 2012

smart grill

"I have had this unit for over a year, we use it constantly and have had no problems with it. I use it mostly to grill elk steaks and grilled sandwiches. It gets really cold in Montana during the winter and outside grilling can be quite challenging. This little grill fills in nicely on the days when it just isn't feasible to fire up the big grill. This is the only Breville of the 8 I own that lost a star, I really would like both sets of plates included, the price when the extra plates are figured in is quite high. The quality of the unit is top notch."

September 27, 2011

Amazing Grill!

"We've had this grill for about a month now, and we love it. Quick and easy to use. Our kids are eating Paninis non-stop!"

April 19, 2011

Thank you-

"Recently, purchased the Smart grill and we are very happy with the unit. This is worth every penny we spent, I cooked omelets, and they were delicious and healthy (no oil). We also purchased an additional grill plate, to make steaks, hamburgers ect.
Only, thing is I would like to see is the Engineers create waffle irons for the unit, to compete with other grills that are on the market currently.

March 1, 2011

Its Silly to have One of Each Plate (should have two of both)

"The unit is very heavy duty and looks and feels like a commercial grill, but who wants a one sided Panini Sandwich? Had to opt in for the lower-ended Panini Grill for those coveted "GRILL MARKS" we love.

Recommendation: Put both sets of plates in the box! The price certainly warrants it. For $100 more, I can get a commercial grade product.

Breville Response -

Hello D,

Thank you for your comments and your suggestion. We take all suggestions from our consumers to heart and have forwarded this to the proper channels."

February 28, 2011

saw it and i wanted it!

"I use to own a George Foreman but I must say nothing compares to this. I love it so easy to clean and cook basically anything."

February 4, 2011

Complete Breville Addict

"This month the Wife and I bought the BOV800XL Smart oven, the IKON blender, and this grill. Hopefully this addiction will end soon. If you need marketing people for NorCal I'm definitely your guy.

We have a really nice grill in the yard but it's been really cold and I'm getting slighly wimpier in my older age so we were looking for a kind of panini press / indoor grill. We got a Cuisinart last month as a wedding gift but after finding this product we HAD to get it and returning the competitor's product made the upgrade less painful.

I agree with the other person - I REALLY wish this had waffle plates. Not sure how the timing would work - I'll let product engineers figure that out but I'd love the option.

I think a reversible plate is an interesting idea - both because of cost but mainly because of storage also.

And I know it's probably pretty lame but I wish we had a black cordura nylon cover for this.

I do love the power plug as well, however I wish the cable was a little longer. I would pay more for retractable.

Dual controls could be a nice thing but I don't think I'd want more stuff on the front. Maybe all touch screen - with an iPhone dock (jk).

We got ours for $269.99 from Macy*s with free shipping + tax. All in all very happy and would buy again.

- Eric & Sasha / Silicon Valley"

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