the Personal Pie™

Different palates like different pie fillings. Some people like sweet, others prefer savory. This pie maker allows you to make 4 individual pies, instead of one large pie.

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BPI640XL $79.99
  • Capacity

    Four Pie Molds (4" diameter)

  • Additional Features

    Power 'On' and 'Ready' lights
    Edge crimper seals the pie with decorative trim
    Locking latch
    Easy Clean, Non-Stick Surface
    Horizontal and vertical storage
    Cord wrap for neat counter

  • Included Accessories

    Pastry Cutter
    Pastry Press

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


  • Notes on Features

    Four 4-inch pie molds turn your favorite sweet or savory fillings into a quick dessert meal or snack.

    Pastry Cutter cuts the pastry tops and bases to perfectly fit into the pie mold. Smaller end of the cutter for the pie top, larger end of the cutter for the pie base.

    Pastry Press assists in pressing down the pastry base into the pie mold.

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January 1, 2014

Breville Pie Maker

"I received my pie maker for christmas and I love it. I had been wanting this appliance for a couple of years but just wouldn't spend the money on myself. The first batch I baked today came out a bit darker than I thought they should have, but the second batch I did a cherry pie for the base I used the premade crust and for the top I used puff pastry and a store bought pie filling that I heated up on the stove they turned out better than the first but still darker than I think they should have been. But I am sure with practice I will get better. Has anyone used the pie maker for a custard like pie. My family loves buttermilk chess pie but I always have leftover pie, it would be awesome to be able to make them individual pies?

Love, love my pie maker"

December 23, 2012

I love My Breville Pie Maker

"Used it for the first time and made Gluten Free Goat Cheese Chocolate Pies. The crust was perfect in colour and texture, the filling cooked just right and the taste was scrumptious. I'm so happy I bought this item. It was something I purchased with a gift certificate my daughter gave me for my birthday. I did check the pie after 5 minutes and it wasn't quite done so the 9 they recommended was just right. These are great for a quick lunch or supper. I recommend it!"

September 4, 2012


"When I first saw a video about this product I though "I'd never use that!"
Then I started to think about all the times I make pies that get half eaten because of our busy life. The leftovers get thrown out a week later. Not anymore! This gem of a machine is easy to use and if you're a creative chef...there's a thousand uses! I had read other reviewers experiences and when I made my first pies had no trouble at all. I did buy the mini pie cookbook which I use for inspiration and also measurements. The spinach and feta cheese pies get eaten as soon as they come out. The fruit pies I've made have been delicious.
Some notes to others...I found that the store bought pie crusts while convienient...have little flavor. In the future I would make real pie dough with butter (OK not as healthy maybe but worth it).
Also, I have used the frozen puff pastry dough as the bottom crust for the spiniach and feta pies. It works just fine. Remember, after five minutes you can always check to see if the pies are done without hurting them. I'm planning on having some dinner parties over the coming fall and winter and using this machine a lot!"

April 7, 2012

Works Well With Patience

"We brought this product home today and had to try it right away with our Grandchildren. We had so much fun preparing the dough and setting everything up. The original batch was good but the edges of the pies were over done when we used pie dough. The second batch we used puff pastery for the tops and they came out much better. Very easy to use and a lot of fun to do with kids."

March 5, 2012

A little less burning..

"Great product except for the edges of the pies burning. They don't look too appetizing when the edges are black. Does it make a difference depending on the shortening in the dough?"

March 3, 2012

pie maker

"I wanted to add to my previous review of the pie maker. We have found a new use for it. I make muffin batter from scratch that can be left in the fridge and used as needed. This little machine does a great job of cooking muffins either from this scratch recipes or the little packets you can buy that just need water added. Now the maker never leaves the counter. We can have hot fresh muffins every morning with little or no fuss, and minimal clean up!!"

February 5, 2012

Personal Pie

"This little pie maker is great, much nicer quality than others I have seen in the stores. I have made several different types of pies in it and have yet to have a flop. I use pastry made from scratch, regular for the bottom crust and quick puff or sour cream pastry for the top. Fruit and meat pies both turn out great. My husband packs a lunch everyday and these fit the bill nicely, he can have a filling that needs warmed up or if he is not going to be by electricity a filling that is good cold. The only problem I have is getting the pies done and in the freezer before they all get eaten!"

December 30, 2011

Love the Pie Maker

"I am originally from New Zealand and Australia so know Breville products very well. My husband bought me the Pie Maker for Christmas as I have really missed my Aussie Meat Pies.
I rolled the pastry too thin at first and had to discard two bases as they flopped and folded
I have now made Peach pies, Rasberry Pies, Meat pies(Australian recipe) I have found that Pappy's frozen Pie Crust dough is great for the base and Pepperidge frozen Puff Pastry works for the tops. My husband loves them and I can finally have a meat pie watching the football."

December 15, 2011

My new favorite toy

"Love it so far. Just made beef savory pies and only two remain after I made two batches. Yes, I have yet to eat one. Some types: I tried using ready made pie crusts for both top and bottom (neither fridge nor room temperature - just took out of fridge, preheat, cut out circles and put in machine) and puff pastry for both top and bottom (thawed in fridge for 5 hrs. still a little hard). I cooked pie crust in 10 minutes and puff pastry in 8 minutes. I live in LA, so it seemed to cook it a little faster than instructions said. It’s best to preheat the machine at least three cycles. I only did the two cycles and half my batch came out more brown than the other two. Also, you should buy the pie lifter at Williams-Sonoma. It's a life saver!!!"

November 19, 2011

Great little gadget

"I finally broke down and bought this pie maker after eyeballing it several times in the local Williams-Sonoma store over a period of months. :-)

Not disappointed one bit, it has worked well since the first batch. The woman in the WS store also confirmed that though puff pastry is the suggested way to go, just mounding the fillings a bit more and using regular but chilled pie dough on top works just as Diane writes. We live at a pretty high altitude in Colo. and I am finding the pies bake a little quicker than what is suggested in the materials, so chilling the dough slows that process a little bit.

Here is a question for you Breville folks... where to find the paper mini pie/tart cups to fit these pies for a nicer presentation? I cannot find them anywhere, even eBay. Ideas?"

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