Panini Duo

In Australia, a panini is called a Breville. Find out why. Even heat distribution and adjustable height for authentic café-style grilled paninis.

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BSG520XL $69.95
  • Plate Design


  • Plate Configuration

    Ribbed top plate for aesthetic grill marks, flat bottom plate for faster, more even cooking

  • Floating Hinge

    Floating hinge to maintain even pressure on both thick or thin items

  • Adjustable Height Control

    The top plate can be moved into a range of positions above the bottom plate. Suitable both for grilling thick artisan breads or toasting open style melts.

  • Additional Features

    Floating hinge top plate
    Ribbed top plate for aesthetic grill marks
    Flat bottom plate for faster, more even cooking & easy clean up
    Integrated On/Off ‘Power’ and ‘Ready’ lights
    Adjustable height control
    Locking storage clip
    Cord wrap
    Non-slip feet

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


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January 11, 2012

Super Easy!

"This is the simplest Panini press I have ever used. Just plug it in and it's ready to go within a couple of minutes. I like the adjustable hinge feature for softer breads like croissants, being able to adjust the pressure on the top makes for a perfect toasted croissant sandwich. It's big enough to make two sandwiches yet compact enough to store upright in a fairly small space and clean-up is a breeze. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you're done! I highly recommend this Panini maker if you're looking for something easy to use, easy to clean and reasonably priced. "

December 24, 2011


"It serves it's purpose but i guess i was looking for something that cooks evenly. it cooks sandwiches good but dont try to heat things up with it . it all a round get a 2. 5 out of five on my scale"

August 6, 2011

SOOOOO much more than a Panini maker!

"All the reviews about the awesome Panini’s are spot on. But, I've used it for so much more...

Making Pancakes...Check. Pour the batter and let it do its thing! It heats so evenly the results are great. Wanna speed it up a bit? Set the hinge on its highest setting, it'll help the pancake rise and get extra fluffy!

Hash browns...You bet, throw some frozen* hash brown potatoes, frozen* peppers and onions and spray it with some cooking spray set the hinge pretty close to the surface but don't let it touch...cook til golden and amazing!

* You can use fresh potatoes, peppers and onions of course...the frozen is just easier.

Grilled veggies...OH YEAH! And you can even get those awesome grill marks on them too! I've done eggplant, squash, onions, peppers, even cauliflower! It's great to grill up the veggies and throw them into pasta salad.

All I can say is that despite its small size, it'll do big things in your kitchen! I even love the fact that you can lock it store it vertically to save space...you won't store it much, but, it's a really nice feature!


February 27, 2010

New tool to travel arsenal

"I had been debating whether to purchase this press or a stove top one for a while. My hubby and I decided on this one because we thought it would work better for our guests at a Superbowl get-together we were having. It worked great. Guests (who barely know how to boil water) made their own sandwiches, I didn't need to man the stove! You can make two sandwiches at once, for us, (we are a family of 3 - one being a toddler) this is perfect. I love how it stores upright and doesn't take too much space. It heats up very quickly and very very hot.

But what really carved out a place in our hearts was our trip to Big Bear. I decided to bring the press because we had a lot of leftovers from Superbowl weekend. We were staying in a hotel rather than a cabin. My daughter got sick so we were not able to go out as much. The press was a lifesaver. We were able to warm-up leftover pizza on day 2 as a snack, and made some paninis at night (most restaurants close early). I even was able to let my family sleep in when I snuck out early in am to buy them eggs, sausage, and fluffy pancakes for breakfast. When they woke up, the food was cold. I warmed it all perfectly back up on the grill. It is superb and when my daughter was feeling better, we even roasted marshmallows together. I know it isn't the same as over a real fire, but for my little 3 yr old, it was perfect and in her words,
"this is the bestest perfect camping trip ever". :)

The only thing about this press is if you are looking for one that opens flat so you can use it like a flat grill, this one does not do it. I guess that is the higher model. Other than that, this was a GREAT purchase for us."

February 4, 2010

Exactly what I was looking for!

"I purchased this after looking at a more expensive brand. It had the weight and sturdiness that I wanted in a Panini press. I used a Christmas gift card and took advantage of a store wide sale so I thought it was a great deal until I registered the product on-line and saw that this model was about $20 less on line than I paid in a Florida chain store.

Other than that it makes everyday "sandwiches" look and taste like restaurant specialty sandwiches - and perfecly "presses" a great Cuban Sandwich too! You don't have to go for the frills and extra bells, buzzers and whistles with the "Duo" - it can do it all!"

January 15, 2010


"This is an awesome panini press. We have used it everyday since we got it. We have had tuna melts, paninis and we even heated leftover pizza. It stores in an upright position which is very useful.
Love it!!!"

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