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the Smart Grill™

Removable Plate Grill & BBQ with Element IQ™

Breville designers re-envisioned the craft of indoor grilling. Dishwasher safe plates embedded with smart heating elements inspire pitch-perfect results.

Top quality non-stick indoor grill with six height settings and integrated drip tray. Adjust the height to avoid crushing food or open it all the way up in 180° barbecue mode.

Temperature responsive LCD display colorfully alerts when the grill is ready to go. Tilt the bottom plate to drain fats in the easy-to-handle drip tray.

The grill unfolds flat to provide a large cooking surface.

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BGR820XL $299.99
  • Plate Design

    Removable plates with fully imbedded cooking elements. Easy cleaning and optimal cooking performance.

  • Plate Configuration

    Interchangable cast aluminium non-stick plates

  • Temperature Control

    Digital temperature control

  • Floating Hinge

    Floating hinge to maintain even pressure on both thick or thin items

  • Adjustable Height Control

    6 Adjustable height settings to avoid crushing food or to heat pizza or make open style melts.

  • Removable Drip Tray


  • Cleaning

    Dishwasher safe drip tray, removable dishwasher safe, non stick plates

  • Additional Features

    Removable, dishwasher safe plates
    Bottom ‘Plate Release’
    Top ‘Plate Release’
    Opens flat to ‘BBQ Mode’
    Temperature dial with Low, Panini and Sear Modes
    Temperature responsive LCD – blue to orange
    Temperature conversion button
    30 Minute timer dial with sound alert
    1 hour Auto shut-off
    6 Adjustable height settings
    Locking storage clip
    Adjustable plate tilt
    Integrated, removable drip tray

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


  • Innovations

    Element IQ™

  • Design Notes

    Designed in Australia

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February 2, 2011

Great features, but a big problem

"I really like the grill, and I appreciate the temperature control, the timer, and the removable plates. It has a tremendous design, with great features. My grill is hampered by a large problem, however; about 75% of the times that I turn it on, I get an error message on the temperature readout. The manual addresses the issue. You are supposed to turn off the grill, wait for it to cool, and start over. I never have time to wait for it to cool. I don't turn it on until I am ready to grill steaks, etc., which means that the rest of the meal is nearing completion. Fortunately, the grill will continue to heat after I unplug it and turn it back on. Under those conditions, the grill appears to heat continuously, and the temperature controls do not work. I am still able to cook, but the advanced control features and temperature readout appear to be useless.

January 31, 2011

Great product.

"I got this for a Christmas gift. I am gettin to be a Breville fanatic!

I love to cook but have little time between two careers and working on a graduate degree. Every Breville appliance is designed to convienience, this grill fits right in with everything else Breville that I own.

I live in Florida whre it is against the law to grille on the patio or balcony if unless its electric. My Cuisinart Pannini Grill did a fairly good job but it never heated high enough or maintained heat as predictably as my Breville Grill. Ise it as a griddle and pannini maker.

My Cuisinart went to Salvation Army."

January 28, 2011

Ready to buy, but ...

"I have the Smart Oven and am considering an indoor grill.

The Breville looks to be the best, but would like to see some changes.

Instead of having to buy extra plates, why can't the plates be reversible, since the element is imbedded? I really don't want to buy/store extra plates for everyday cooking, especially with the price of the Smart Grill being what it is.

Also, a competitor's grill has optional waffle plates for purchase - any chance of this happening with Breville?

Breville Response: Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback and suggestions for improvements. I have forwarded your ideas to the product manager. "

November 23, 2010

AWESOME - Pricey but worth it.

"This is fantastic for condo living! Great steaks, fish, sandwiches, vegetables...you name it. We could not be happier with it. Enough cooking area for serving of 4. No issues with electrical components, and super easy clean up. For the price, Breville should supply the optional grates. Larry has some great points, but it's not a reason NOT to purchase. Looking to buy another one for the home FL...also condo living."

August 31, 2010

Love this Grill

"I wish it had dual controls too. But even so, it can't be beat! Get yourself one today!"

May 14, 2010

I LOVE IT!!!!!

"My wife an I had been looking for a decent quality griddle for months. We bought a low cost griddle but returned it because it did not heat the surface evenly, to say the least. The I stumbled upon this product. A grill that converts completely to a griddle and everything in between. The build is excellent, the versatility is second to none, and above all, it heats incredibly even across the entire cooking surface. The plates are fully removable for cleaning and interchangeable in position. I agree with other about having another flat plate to make it a full-on griddle but since one can buy additional plates, this can easily be done. I like this unit so much, it has crossed my mind that buying another grill would give you 4 interchangeable plates and even that much more cooking space. If there is anything that could be improved upon, I would have to agree with others with recommending that, since the grill converts to a 2-plate griddle, having dual temperature controls would be very beneficial. I also think the drip tray could be designed better and wish it had been made of the same quality of materials as the rest of the grill and not cheap plastic. All in all, I love it and so does my wife. We have used it almost every day since we purchased it."

April 20, 2010


"What do you guys want? This is the best Grill on the market ever. I have had it 10 days now but have been looking for a few months at it. It is a bit pricey but what isnt these days. I love the Dishwasher safe plates. My Last grill you had to put the whole unit in the sink to wash it and that created a whole list of other issues. They could have included spare plates but they sell them for a reasonable price $50.00. Thats why I am on the site now is to get another flat one for additional pancake space. Cooks them perfect. Controls are real easy to use and I Love the Temp read out and Timer. Grilled Chicken Breasts on Sunday and thought I had over cooked them, but when I sliced into them they were perfect and very Moist. "

March 13, 2010

Needs dual temperature controls

"I just bought my grill from Williams Sonoma (on sale at $299.) and for the most part I am happy with it. I ordered a second flat plate so I can make a lot of pancakes at a time and grill my ham & cheese sandwiches. But what I most would like to see is dual temperature controls so I can keep stuff warm on one plate while I grioll on the other. Because you can stand it on it send it stores quite nicely. I agree with the others about a redesign of the grease collector. If you just have grease it works ok but if there are crumbs it clogs and some do not fall in the trap."

February 10, 2010

Great Indoor Grill!

"I purchased this grill after doing some research online about the various grills available on the market including price, heating power, features, service, etc. While pondering all the other grills and noting that most had some good features but lacked some others, I happened upon this grill at Williams & Sonoma. The price took me back a bit, but mentally comparing it to the others I had researched, it seemed to have by far the most comprehensive list of features all in one package. Since I've never been one to buy anything but top of the line (I do believe that in most cases you get what you pay for), I went ahead and spent the money. I've had it now for over a month and I couldn't be happier. I use it almost daily since my husband and I are attempting to go low-fat protein & complex carb meals. It's fantastic. I feel I absolutely purchased the best item on the market, even if the price is on the high side and it doesn't include the extra plates. I didn't have the heart to give it only four stars since I love it so much, but if I could give it 4.5 stars, I would do that only because the points made by the other reviewers are valid. I agree with all of them (grease drawer needs re-design at back, a buzzer for auto shutoff, and extra plates would be fantastic), although I have not used the entire surface for pancakes and cannot speak to the two surfaces being different temperatures. Features I absolutely LOVE: the ability to change from flat to tilted lower surface, ease of cleaning, and (believe it or not) the finger hole in the three-pronged plug! Why hasn't any other engineer prior to this thought about putting a finger hole in the plug???? It would certainly have made my life easier for the past 4 decades as gripping a plug while I was in an awkward position has been a pet peeve of mine! If this grill lasts several years, I will feel I have been in hog heaven. Great grill, guys!"

February 8, 2010

My Favorite

"I must say that I have been using this grill for a few days now and it is by far the best cooking device that I have ever used. My fish stakes come out perfect every time. It also makes phenomenal paninis and cleans super easily. If this is any indication of the quality of Breville products; they have found a new customer for life. "

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