Cafe Roma Espresso Machine

Bring out the inner barista.

Thermoblock heating system extracts espresso at the perfect temperature. A full 15 bars of pressure maximizes créma for a rich, barista-style aroma and taste. Effortless frothing and foaming.

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This product has been discontinued.

  • Extended Warranty


  • Stainless Steel Dual Boilers


  • Water Tank Capacity

    40.6 oz (1.2 L) removable water tank

  • Included Accessories

    Two stainless steel espresso cups and saucers Stainless steel frothing pitcher Tamping tool/measuring spoon/cleaning tool

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


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December 1, 2009

Has been working great for a year

"I purchased this last holiday season and could not be happier. We use the machine at least several times a week, for a couple cups at a time. No problems whatsoever. It seems all the negative reviews here stem from poor grind match. I grind my own beans and have never had an issue. Also worth noting is that when I first got the machine, I contacted Breville support with a question and the answer was prompt and thorough. Highly recommended!"

November 29, 2009

So so

"I bought this last year for our wedding and this thing is such a pain. I can't ever get it to froth anymore. I want to exchange it. I bet i've made 20 cups with this thing and I'm having problems with it. No steam power. I've contacted breville and their suggestions (vinegar and water decalcification) was only temporary. "

November 24, 2009

Good when it works.

"It's extremely picking on the grind of the coffee; I can't use espresso ground coffee in this, it won't push the water through.

Lately it's been taking awhile to heat up. Yesterday it quite heating up entirely. Today I'm drinking coffee from a normal coffee maker (which doesn't make me very happy). I decalcified it about a month ago, and I've only had it for 4 months.

I would NOT recommend this to a friend. It works well when it works, but that isn't all the time.

If you are using an espresso grind from Starbucks it is often to fine for our double wall filters and it causes clogging. We suggest that the coffee is ground one setting up from espresso if you purchase from Starbucks."

November 22, 2009

Looks and no performance

"The machine is stainless steel and looks very nice. I thought I was getting a sturdy machine but mine only worked well for one year. The machine is expensive and with that amount of $$ you can get 4 of the Chinese inexpensive-imitations with better performance. I have the same problem as decribed by Bruce. The machine spews water and coffee grounds all over and creates a big mess. I wonder how the warranty works to get it fixed. Does anyone knows?

From Breville:
Please email us at askus@brevilleusa.com and we can help you out. Sorry for your trouble."

November 13, 2009

just okay

"I'm a total coffee snob. Love to make my own Starbucks recreations at home so I got this as a gift last Christmas. It's just okay. The milk takes a very long time to steam up to temp and cleaning it is a pain in the butt. If not decalcyfied properly and timely the low steam output becomes nonexistant. Probably wouldn't recommend this machine to anyone. It wasn't exactly cheap but spend another $100 and get something better."

November 11, 2009

Do Not Buy

"Do not buy this machine. I have owned one for several years and am lucky if it works 30% of the time. Normally it spews water all over. I have replaced the steam ring many times and cleaned the holders. Nothing helps. It's headed for the garbage."

November 2, 2009

poor machine

"it's a great poor machine..water pump not working..only noise.

October 25, 2009

Great Espresso Machine

"Great machine . . . but the the stainless steel steam wand is a bit difficult if to clean. It would be nice if the wand were detachable so you can clean it properly.

Everything else is absolutely superb!!! It's easy to use and makes great espresso!"

October 24, 2009

Broken easily

"I had the machine for a year and it is no longer working!"

October 17, 2009

worked great for 3 months now milk does not have enough froth

"worked great for 3 months now milk does not have enough froth. I wonder if its due to calcification"

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