Cafe Modena Espresso Machine

The perfect introduction to at-home espresso drinks. Makes delicious cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and more.

Includes stainless steel frothing pitcher and café-inspired cup and saucer for a coffee-house experience in your kitchen.

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ESP6SXL $149.99

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  • Extended Warranty


  • Stainless Steel Dual Boilers


  • Heating System

    Thermoblock system

  • Water Tank Capacity

    40 oz (1.2 L)

  • Innovations

    Dual-wall créma system
    Triple Prime™ Feature

  • Included Accessories

    Porcelain espresso cup and saucer set
    Stainless steel frothing pitcher
    Tamping tool/measuring spoon

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


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January 15, 2010

Breaks Regularly.

"I don't have any problem making espresso shots with it. The frother is weak, and the wand is too small. It does vibrate and the lid rattles. Also the water level is impossible to see. But the real problem I have with this POS is that the plastic thing that the portafilter locks into breaks regularly. It develops a hairline crack presumably from all the pressure it is under, then at some point it fails. When you're pulling a shot, there is loud pop, and a hiss, and you and your kitchen are covered in espresso grounds. The first one broke after I had it a little over a year. Did the company offer to replace it under warranty? Nope. It's only a $4 or $5 dollar part (plus tax and shipping), but without it the machine is useless. So I ordered a replacement. This one lasted about a year also. I can understand one part being defective, but when two fail in identical manners, it tells me there is a design defect. The part is injection molded plastic and could just as easily be made from cast aluminum and would last a lifetime."

January 13, 2010

Makes awesome froth

"Forget the bad reviews. the machine works fine. I had the same problem as many, that it appeared the unit didn't operate out of the box because no water came out. But I contacted Breville by email and they responded in a day explaining that the machine had to be primed. It's an easy operation and the only issue is that they didn't include that in the instructions.

This is my first expresso machine but I find it easy to use and it taste better than anything I've gotten at Starbucks

The espresso comes out creamy and the froth is easy to create. This machine is definitely worth the price. "

January 9, 2010

Works just fine, I like it!!

"Granted the Modena machine was a litte more complicated to operate than the Krups I've had for twenty years but I followed the directions step by step and it worked just fine. Excellent crema and the frother worked as advertised after I paid a little more attention to the directions. I will admit the clean up is a bit of a pain but after I get used to it it will be fine and I don't feel as if I'm settling. Making espresso with this machine will be second nature in no time. Thanks!"

January 2, 2010

I have the older model from last year.

"I have a love and hate relationship with this espresso maker. I hate the clean up part, it's a real pain. Second, the espresso is not hot. Only luke warm. Third, the steam wand stinks. If you are using the wand to froth your milk you need to let it run for 5 seconds to release the water or it will go into your milk. The milk will froth, but it does a mediocre job. I had to buy a nespresso frother alone for 89.99. An additional amount of money I didn't need to be spending because the lack of this machine.
I gave this a 3 star because the shots taste pretty good. Otherwise, I would not recommend this machine or the newer model. I bought this because my friend recommended it to me. I should have returned it when i had the chance.
I work from home and love espressos. Too bad this machine didn't do a good job like I wanted it to. Thank God for my Keurig machine.

from Breville:
Thanks for your valuable feedback. We will pass this along to our design team."

January 2, 2010

you get what you pay for

"This machine delivers what you would expect from a lower priced machine. Clearly for off and on home use. If you want a daily shot I suggest you move up to a higher quality machine.

January 2, 2010

Great espresso/cappucino machine!

"After reading a few of the frustrated, even angry December '09 reviews above, I was compelled to write "Patience! Re-read the manual and try again!" My husband and I both worked the espresso machine for best operating results. After only a few attempts and re-reading, it's a success! The best crema, easy frothing and heating of milk, and swfit cleanup.

We toted the Cafe Roma to the mountains for 5 days. Everyone in the house enjoyed double "caps" each morning.

The design of the Cafe Roma is clean and modern and is a cool accent to our kitchen. And, the noise factor is negligible when recalling the sound of professional espresso machines at your local coffee house.


January 1, 2010


"Since I love Expresso i thought I was UPGRADING by purchasing this machine only to have two friends with Master Degree's scratching their heads to get it to work after my numerous attempts. Finally it poured coffee and made a mess...Loud, vibrates , Noisy (the top rattles) ...Only thing good about it is that it looks nice...Im returning ASAP."

December 30, 2009

Not sure yet......

"We got this for a Christmas gift. It seems to run VERY slowly, even after waiting for all of the lights and things. Also, the one we got did not come with the "rubber" piece over the milk steamer. Am waiting for a call back from the company to see if I can get help with these two problems.

On the other hand, it sure looks nice! I am hoping that it is just operator error and I will figure out how to make it work correctly!

Hi M,
Please email us at askus@brevilleusa.com with any questions or call 1-866-breville."

December 29, 2009

Easy to use and makes great expresso!!

"I was using a low-tech Krups machine, and the difference between espresso made with the Krups and with the Breville (using the same beans and grind) is night and day. Moreover, the Krups wasn't made to handle espresso grind.

The Cafe Modena is easy to use and works well. The warming plate is nice, and given a few extra minutes, it warms up my larger cup. I've been making lattes, and the machine makes it easy to make them reproducibly delicious."

December 29, 2009

Excellent Coffee Drinks!

"I was using a Krups (low-tech water heater type), and I bought the Breville Cafe Modena for Christmas.

It is easy to use, works well and makes great coffee. There is a night and day difference between what I made with the Krups and with the Breville using the same beans/grind.

I purchased on 12/28/09 and I've made 2+ drinks/day with it so far. I think I'll have another..."

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