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the Soft Top™

Cordless convenience in a fast-boiling kettle complements the modern kitchen. 1500 watt heating element with a high-capacity (up to 57 fl oz) vertical-design heats quickly.

Auto-off tracks the internal temperature and shuts the kettle off when it reaches a boil. Pleasant chimes alert you to the completion of a heating cycle.

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SK500XL $79.99


  • Capacity

    7 Cup / 1.7 Liter / 57oz

  • Base Design

    360° multi-directional base with cord storage wrap

  • Filtration

    Removable Scale Filter

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

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December 27, 2009

great product

"I love having this kettle. I add water, turn it on, and forget about it until its ready. It turns off as soon as the water boils and it stays pretty hot on the element even after it turns off. I do wish it would hold the temp for longer for a second cup, but its easy to just turn it back on an warm the water back up quickly.
I think a better feature would just to have a button to leave it on so it held a warm temp until you turned it off.

From Breville:
Thanks for your feedback. We will pass it along to our design team.

December 22, 2009

very disappointed

"I bought this kettle in late August or early September; it is now about 4 months later and the kettle stopped working today. (It had not shut off, though the water was boiling. I poured water for tea, which emptied the kettle, and when I put it back on the base, it shut off and would not turn on again. It's suppposed to have "safety boil dry protection" if there is insufficient water.

I've had many electric kettles over the years - some of them, quite inexpensive - and they all lasted many years. This was the most expensive one I've purchased, and it's barely lasted. And it died right before the holidays, when I expect lots of company - what a major drag.

Except for the fact that it broke, it was a great kettle.

From Breville:
Please email us at askus@brevilleusa.com or call 1-866-Breville if there is anything we can help with. Sorry for your poor experience."

December 22, 2009

A fine kettle which has serve me well, but now does not contact base

"I have used your kettle for a year or so now and have been pleased with it, but recently it has not made contact with the base. At first this was just occasionally at a particular location/position. More recently it must be fully loaded with water and then pressed down and rotated to find a contact location.

I note above a base plate with cord is available. May I request one here?

From Breville:
Please email us at askus@brevilleusa.com or call 1-866-Breville if there is anything we can help with. Sorry for your poor experience."

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