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the Juice Fountain® Duo

Blended drinks with 100% fresh juice

Breville Juice Fountain Duo. Juice and purée in one machine. This commercial-quality juicer has a second disc that purées soft fruits for 100% fruit smoothies.

Gets the most juice out of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, from delicate berries to crisp apples.

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BJE820XL $399.99
  • Pulp Container Capacity

    Extra large 3.2 qt (3 L) pulp container

  • Juice Jug Capacity

    1.1 qt (1 L) juice jug with froth separator

  • Feed Chute Size

    Extra-large 3"-wide (7.6 cm) feed-tube maximizes efficiency and cuts down your prep time

  • Juicing Disc Filter

    Ultra sharp titanium reinforced cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filter to extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers

  • Speeds

    5 Variable Speeds

  • Safety Features

    Safety lock mechanism prevents unsafe operation

  • Display Feedback

    Backlit speed feedback lights with fruit speed guide graphics

  • Included Accessories

    1.1 qt (1 L) juice jug with froth separator Easy clean brush

  • Innovations

    3" (7.6 cm) feed tube processes whole fruit

  • Design Notes

    Designed in Australia

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions

    9" (D) X 17"(H) X 16.5" (W)

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August 5, 2011

Juicer and puree in one!

"I was really tired of being overweight so decided to change my diet and go on a healthy juice diet! At first I bought the cheaper alternatives thinking its all the same. Well after returning the alternative and buying the Breville its in a league of its own! Juice tastes much better without the waste and more of it, bravo Breville!"

February 20, 2011

Incredible Juicer / Highly Recommended !

"II have owned a "cheap" juicer in the past, it was messy and WET extraction, meaning it put a lot of the juice in the trash. There is very little lost juice in my extraction with this juicer. I wanted to buy the Jack La Laine Juicer for the longest, but after all the reviews I read, this IS the BEST and I now know why. It literally 'sucks' the fruits & veggies into its large feeder chute. Apples whole, TWO or THREE CARROTS at a time noooo problem!!! Slower speeds for soft fruit, incredible sweet tasting flavors, and the foam eliminator works great too! At 55 yrs old, working 65+ hours weekly, I am experiencing more energy & stamina. The only down side is I have a small kitchen as the size is a bit much, but it deserves all the space it takes up. I will be experimenting with the other half of its ability tonight... puree time :-) Thanks Breville for an incredible machine. "

January 14, 2011


"we received this juicer as a very generous gift and thought that it was so perfect for us - something we'd never "pull the trigger" on ourselves, but something we use multiple times a day. I'll never buy juice again. it's so easy to use and clean and looks beautiful in our kitchen - we're big fans of this one!"

January 24, 2010


"Juice Extractor is a perfect name because that's exactly what this unit does. It is amazing at the amount of juice that is extracted from your fruits and veggies when using this machine. The puree disc is great for use with soft fruits like bananas and blueberries, while the juice disc handles carrots, apples and pineapples with the greatest ease. Speaking of easy, this juicer is remarkably simple to take apart, clean and reassemble. I can clean the entire unit and have it reassembled in less than 10 minutes. What I especially like is Breville's attention to detail. This juicer, like every other Breville product I own, exudes quality. I highly recommend this juicer!

January 9, 2010

the best product in the usa

"i recommend this to every one this is good for smoothies and drinks five star appliance =)"

January 2, 2010

Excellent purchase, love it love it love it!

"Worth every penny, made some pineapple-clementine-banana juice that was so good we made the remainder into popsicles for the kids! Apple-pear is pretty darned tasty too. What else can we do with this???? Gimme a carrot!"

December 20, 2009

It is amazing!

"We just got this juicer today and it is incredible. What yummy juice! It is really powerful and doesnt make a huge mess at all. Awesome product."

December 7, 2009

Love it so much

"I love mine so much that I have bought three additional juicers for relatives . Nuf said."

November 20, 2009

Great Juicer!

"Wow! One of the best juicers I have ever used. "

November 2, 2009

great machine

"I read some reviews and saw a couple of negative ones, so I was skeptical. I had a Juicman unit and it was a pain to remove the grinder. This one was so much easier. took me 5 weeks to check on this machine after a presentation in the Williams-Sonoma store. Today I bought it. The negative reviews were not justified. Easy to use, easy to clean, very good extraction. I'm an Engineer, so I look for the little things, like motor loading and quality of materials. It's there! Normally, I would say this is too pricey, but the materials are worth it. fight with assembly and cleaning of the closest competitor and you will see. The only thing I didn't like is the thump made by the last piece of carrot as the grinder threw it out into the pulp canister. Smaller carrots solve that!"

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