the Duo-Temp™

A café in your kitchen. This espresso machine offers temperature control through its auto purge feature and the appropriate pressure through its 15 bar pump, all in a solid diecast metal design. The auto purge feature extracts an espresso, steams milk, then automatically flushes the system to restore the ideal brewing temperature for the next shot. The rest is up to you. Simply add freshly ground beans and start practicing those barista skills.

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  • Stainless Steel Dual Boilers


  • Pump Pressure

    15 Bar Italian Pump

  • Heating System


  • Purge Function

    Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature

  • Pre Infusion Function

    Prior to full extraction, the unique Triple Prime™ Pump releases three bursts of hot water to moisten the ground coffee in the portafilter. The ground coffee expands resulting in greater pressure build-up to extract all the oils and fullest flavor from the ground coffee

  • Included Grouphead Filters

    Dual Wall Filters (2)
    These filters have been created with dual walls. Beneath the first wall is a second wall with a single exit hole. This produces back pressure inside the brew head which helps extract more flavor from the coffee
    ESE espresso pod filter

  • Water Tank Capacity

    75 fl.oz (2.2L) removable front-fill water tank

  • Onboard Storage

    Concealed storage tray houses included accessories

  • Additional Features

    Solid diecast metal construction Hot water feature for pre-heating cups or making Americanos, tea & hot chocolate Stainless steel 360° swivel-action steam wand with froth enhancer Cup warming tray Removable drip tray with Empty Me! tray full indicator Breville Assist™ Plug All parts that come into contact with coffee & water are BPA Free

  • Included Accessories

    50mm dual wall filter baskets (2) ESE espresso pod filter 50mm measuring/tamping spoon Stainless steel frothing jug Cleaning tool

  • Voltage

    110 - 120 Volts

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions


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March 3, 2015


"A good little espresso machine , I have had this model now for a 3 years , has been reliable . The only thing I do not like about it , is the steaming wand , it doesn't froth the milk as well as I would like and introduces a fair amount of water to the milk . Still that aside it has been a awesome little machine . It produces a nice crema , of which I am no barista artist , so fancy designs on the top of my lattes ;) . I would recommend this to anyone who is frustrated with the Mr.Coffee and others similar to it , this is an awesome upgrade and will turn your own kitchen into a coffee bar ."

February 25, 2014

Duo-Temp 800ESXL

"We have had this coffee make for over a decade. It produces excellent espresso. Probably the best value espresso machine on the market. We are so impressed with Breville quality, support and service that we are now looking to upgrade to a dual boiler Breville espresso maker. Thanks Breville !!!"

December 24, 2012

Love at First Use aka So Far So Good, by this Starbucks addict

"Mr. Coffee was my first espresso machine. It produced strong, bitter, horrid drip-tasting coffee without a drop of crema, even when I used Starbucks espresso roast, which is my all time fav.

Because my Starbucks habit has become excessive this fall AND because there are times I crave a latte or cappuccino but don't want to leave home, I bit the bullet and spent more than I wanted to. Must one really spend hundreds of dollars to make espresso at home? According to my Mr. Coffee experience, the answer is YES!

I purchased this today 12/24/12 (HaPpY Christmas from me to me!), have pulled several shots already with each being better than the last. I'm thrilled that the result is extremely close to that made by my fav baristas @ my local Starbucks.

The unit works and behaves exactly as the manual indicates (yes, I've read it). Water heats very quickly and is ready to brew in record time. As other reviewers have indicated, a shot is produced very quickly with a generous amount of the formerly elusive crema. The steam wand also works a thousand times better then Mr. Coffee ever did. I've had no problem getting my beverage hot enough, and as my Baristas will tell you, I like my beverages EXTRA HOT.

Other pros include water level indicator, substantial drip tray, accessory storage drawer, provided milk pitcher and scoop that doubles as a tamper. The latter isn't metallic (bummer) but it does the job nevertheless.

One thing I'm not fond of is soupy grounds left after extraction as stated in the manual. I would prefer a firm, dryer puck, but the wet one isn't the end of the world, especially since the espresso tastes so GOOD!

My only concerns is the multiple reviews that indicate the unit dies shortly after the limited and I dare say cheap warranty expires. One would like to think a unit costing several hundred dollars would work and be warranted to work longer than one year, but alas...

I'll report again in the future. Stay tuned. =^..^="

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