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the Citrus Press™ Pro

Innovative, patented Quadra-Fin™ cone maximizes extraction of all citrus fruits, from limes to grapefruits. Makes juicing easy with innovative active-arm press – a power-assisted lever that makes it effortless to press fruits.

Acid-resistant die-cast cone ensures a lifetime of fresh citrus.

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800CPXL $199.99
  • Additional Features

    Drip stop juice spout
    A stainless steel filter for pulp control
    Soft grip handle

  • Innovations

    Patented Quadra-Fin™ juicing cone
    Revolutionary active-arm press with soft grip handle

  • Construction

    Solid die-cast base, all stainless steel juicing cone, and filter basket, soft grip handle.

  • Design Notes

    Designed in Australia

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Dimensions

    11" (D) X 18" (H) X 9" (W)

  • Notes on Features

    The Quadra-Fin™ juicing cone allows you to juice any size citrus fruit from limes to grapefruits.

    The durable die-cast metal juicing cone and body resist corrosive citric acid for a lifetime of juicing.

    The power-assisted arm allows for quick and effortless juicing. The key safety feature is a patented dual switch that will not allow the cone to spin until both the arm is lowered and sufficient pressure is placed on the top of the cone.

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March 3, 2010

Great Juicer but Plastic gear wore out after about a year

"We use this juicer everyday at least and it works great! Just recently the plastic gear inside wore down and so it would not work properly. We contacted Breville today and they had none in stock and also said that it was beyond warranty. We bought it at Williams and Sonoma originally and called them. They told us that everything at their store is lifetime guarantee, up until just recently. Luckily, they did exchange this juicer for us free of charge but that won't happen in the future because of people abusing the system. I am hoping Breville will fix this problem before my juicer breaks again. I hope they will replace the plastic part which does slip off. If we could have replacements of the plastic part that gets stripped or better yet give us all metal ones. Otherwise once this one breaks again I will have to buy from a different company. This juicer is too expensive to have to replace every year. At this point as a naturaopathic doctor I cannot even recommend this juicer to my patients without giving them a warning about the faults of it. "

February 23, 2010

Great juicer with a plastic problem

"We have had the juicer for a year or two and enjoy the ease of juicing oranges which we do daily. Cleaning is not a problem to me. But the plastic part under the cone wears out and I don't see anywhere on the website that I can buy a new one. Breville do well to correct this problem - it shouldn't be a big deal to make that part of metal as well."

February 17, 2010

Love this juicer but it broke at 1 year anniversary

"I bought the Breville Citrus Press a litte under a year ago but it broke as it neared its one year anniversary. My family makes orange juice every morning. I love this citrus juicer. In fact I think its the best small appliance in my kitchen. The design of combining the electric reamer and the lever/arm is ingenious. This design removes the strain of having to push down on the citrus which makes making a lot of juice a breeze. However, the juicer stopped working recently. My husband says that while the jiucer is well built on the outside, the inside gears are cheap plastic and the teeth of the small gears are stripped. So with regular use these gears would of course get stripped and chewed up. The gears should be made of metal. I contacted Breville by calling and e-mailing and experienced problems doing so. They finally called me back and gave me the name of 2 vendors in neighbouring states who may be able to repair the juicer, one of which has not been a Breville repair vendor for quite some time. I now have to mail this heavy juicer out of state and will have to pay to get it repaired, unless I can purchased the small plastic gears. I am disapointed that Breville markets this product as being able to handle heavy use but apparently its cheaply built where it counts the most ... the inside. Durability sucks!"

February 16, 2010

WOW - This is the BEST juicer EVER!

"I have fruit trees in the back and wanted something to handle the load. I was given the Breville as a gift for Christmas and can't begin to tell you how well it works! It juices the fruit so well that nothing is left but the rind. I was so impressed I had to tell all my friends that have fruit trees to go out and get one - NOW! How did I ever get along without it!!!!"

February 16, 2010

WOW - This is the BEST juicer EVER!

"I have fruit trees in the back and wanted something to handle the load. I was given the Breville as a gift and I have to say it is AMAZING! I am telling all my friends about it - they also have fruit trees. How did I ever get along without it!!"

January 23, 2010

Great machine witho only one drawback

"I have had this machine 2 years and it is the nicest juicer I have used. Only problem is the cast alumium cone does not have a smooth surface, and is difficult to clean. I wish they would have made it out of stainless, likke the rest of the unit, or at least highly buffed and polished the aluminum casting. I have started to polish the one on my unit to solve the problem, but this is not that easy to do by hand. Please Breville, redesign that part ."

January 18, 2010

Awesome Product

"Wonderful product......quality...durable....excellent.....lasts and lasts...."

January 18, 2010

Awesome Product

"This is the most wonderful juicer! I purchased this product at least a year ago and it is very durable. This is the third juicer I purchased.....the other brands broke in a short time. Love this product....highly recommend it **************!"

January 9, 2010


"Design and ease of use/cleanup make this the best citrus juicer I have ever used. There are now three units in family (Dad, me and my brother). Thanks Breville."

January 3, 2010

A keeper!

"I bought this for my husband, and he uses it often and really loves it. I agree that it is easy to use and easy to clean. I thought it was a little pricey, but, it very quickly extracts every bit of the juice from the fruit. It seems very durable. Great find! "

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