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Die-Cast Hemisphere® Blender

The 3-speed, Hemisphere® Bowl/Blade System cuts right through all kitchen tasks. Blends and chops with engineered efficiency and uniformity. Makes delightfully aerated smoothies.

Auto pulsing Ice setting chips ice to the perfect size for drinks. The heavy-duty, dishwasher safe jug rests elegantly on the die-cast base, adding a stylish touch to any kitchen.

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  • Blade System


  • Speed Settings

    3 speeds

  • LCD Display

    Illuminated buttons

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Notes on Features

    The Hemisphere™ Blade System utilizes a large, semicircular shredding blade positioned to hug the uniquely shaped bowl. Because of this design, there are no still zones around the blades, and ingredients are shredded into fine, consistent particles.

    The 67 oz (2 L) dishwasher safe jug is designed to resist scratching, chipping and fogginess. The red measurement lines in both cups and liters provide for a lifetime of sharp viewing and accurate measurement.

    The control pad is designed without crevices for easy cleaning and gives you precise control over the motor’s two speed settings and pulse function.

  • Innovations

    Breville Assist Lid™
    Breville Assist Plug™

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September 15, 2010


"Research pays off! Just purchased and extremely pleased with quality of the machine and texture of ice it produces for further processing into a smoothie. {Besides, I like the illuminated buttons.} It should last me for years.

Checked for leaks prior to putting container on the machine since that is reported problem of some users/machines and not a trace. [My unit is designed so that IF I should accidentally leave a faulty seal during assembly it drains off prior to reaching the motor. Well designed!]"

February 17, 2010

Recently purchased

"I have not had my blender very long, however the few times I have used it, I think it is great. Also, it is very quiet. I am looking forward to making many different dishes.


February 7, 2010

Great for Margarita's

"I love this blender, the best one that I have ever owned. Also, since this machine changes ice to snow, it makes the best margarita's! I was going to buy a Margarita machine and changed my mind, this machine is much better made for the money. The container has held up great and has not even scratched from the ice. It is amazing. Great for smoothie's also. I never knew this machine existed, Breville needs to advertise more."

January 24, 2010


"I was hesitant to pay $300 for a blender, but this unit is so much more than a blender! I have used it almost daily for the past two months and it works flawlessly! I have used it for everything from chopping ice to grinding steak into hamburger. However, my Breville has seen the most action in producing velvety smooth (almost like ice cream) smoothies. The smoothie function has been one of the best features of this blender. I love this blender!"

December 26, 2009

Rolls Royce of Blenders!!

"It doesn't get any better than this! We have been having smoothies for breakfast every morning for over a year and our new blender will make the morning ritual so much easier and more enjoyable! Our last smoothie maker could not blend frozen strawberries so we always had big chunks in our smoothies and it kept us from using strawberries as often. This blender does it all, 100% smooth! We swear they taste better.... looking forward to using it for all the other functions too."

November 26, 2009

Doesn't work as good as Vitamix

"Not really work for doing the nut milk as it doesn't grind to find particle.

November 11, 2009

This thing is amazing!

"I have had this unit for about six months now. It makes absolutely perfect smoothies - I use 2 cups of ice, 4 oz water , 4 oz Blast smoothie mix and whatever fresh fruit I have on hand. Just dump it all in, hit the smoothie button and you get a perfect smoothie every time.

This thing is built like a tank, and looks great on your counter. It's my favorite out of my three (soon to be four) Breville appliances. "

October 24, 2009


"I wish there were more demos though, like different types of fruit including frozen ones, veggies, roots veggies etc.

I am in the market for one (not a low end but not commercial one) and I notice (I live in NJ, USA) that the 2 names that keep on popping up are VitaMix and BlendTec. Personally, i think the VitaMix looks very tacky. The BlendTec is a nice ergonomic design but your Breville beats them all in design, etc. I wonder if it is the typical American marketing machinery that keeps getting the VitaMix to pop up in Google, reviews etc., Whereas the Breville is a "foreign" product in relation to the USA."

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