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Die-Cast Hemisphere® Blender

The 3-speed, Hemisphere® Bowl/Blade System cuts right through all kitchen tasks. Blends and chops with engineered efficiency and uniformity. Makes delightfully aerated smoothies.

Auto pulsing ice setting chips ice to the perfect size for drinks. The heavy-duty, dishwasher safe jug rests elegantly on the die-cast base, adding a stylish touch to any kitchen.

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  • Blade System


  • Speed Settings

    3 speeds

  • LCD Display

    Illuminated buttons

  • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • Notes on Features

    The Hemisphere™ Blade System utilizes a large, semicircular shredding blade positioned to hug the uniquely shaped bowl. Because of this design, there are no still zones around the blades, and ingredients are shredded into fine, consistent particles.

    The 67 oz (2 L) dishwasher safe jug is designed to resist scratching, chipping and fogginess. The red measurement lines in both cups and liters provide for a lifetime of sharp viewing and accurate measurement.

    The control pad is designed without crevices for easy cleaning and gives you precise control over the motor’s two speed settings and pulse function.

  • Innovations

    Breville Assist Lid™
    Breville Assist Plug™

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June 11, 2015

Chewy Smoothies

"I expected more from a $300 blender. Our $20 glass blender broke; we replaced it immediately because we were drinking smoothies every morning. Since we got this blender, smoothie consumption has come to a screeching halt. We put greens like kale or spinach in our smoothies, the greens don't puree like they did in our cheap old blender; this results in lumpy, chunky smoothies.

The blender has both a "blend" and a "smoothie" button. Both of these functions activate the blender for a short amount of time - neither long enough to make a smoothie. These cycles must be run multiple times to produce a drinkable, although still chunky, drink. This is inconvenient because I can't just leave the blender running while I leave the room, it must be attended for constant restarts.

The blender is attractive, well made, sturdy and not too loud. But, if you put greens in your smoothies, look elsewhere."

April 25, 2015

Impossible to clean and gross

"The blender is fine as far as blending but you literally cannot clean underneath the silver sides of the container. There is a gap between the clear plastic and the sliver plastic sides and it's big enough for old food or whatever to go into but too small to put in a brush or anything.

Further - you have to disassemble the blade to clean the rubber gasket which is a huge pain. Even though the blade is screwed on tight you always will get some stuff in the gasket which then requires you to take it off an clean it after each use with the big bade removal handle. Huge pain!

I would love to be able to return this and upgrade to the Boss because it does not suffer from any of these design deficiencies.


March 6, 2014


"This is by far one of the worst products I have ever purchased! It takes approximately 20 minutes just to make one smoothie and that is after fine chopping all of ingredients by hand and using a spatula to mix the fruit between every pulse of the actual blender. I expected Breville to make a superior product based on my previous purchases, however this blender is awful. When I called to inquire about replacing my Breville hoping that possibly this one was lemon, the customer service rep told me to chop my strawberries smaller and use the spatula push the fruit down to the blade. She stated that it didn't seem to her like the blender had a problem but that I was just not satisfied and there was nothing she could do for me. For $299 I think the blender should be able to BLEND!!! I wouldn't believe any of the other reviews! Also I only used this blender a handful of times and the stainless steel is peeling on the base. I strongly recommend NOT purchasing this blender!"

October 20, 2012

This is a great product

"This is third blender in my cabinet. The oldest is a Kitchenaid which requires much scraping, a beautiful Jenn-Air that is only beautiful and leaky, and then I bought this Breville. It works incredibly well. It has never leaked, you do not need to scrape, and the end product is impressible smooth. I have purchased this product for a gift to a friend who had a pitiful excuse of a blender, another Kitchenaid."

March 14, 2012

Awesome Machine

"This blender makes the best smoothies, is really powerful and the noise level is ok. The stainless steel base is really nice and strong. Its a heavy base and the buttons that light up are really nice. My future sister in-law recommended this blender. She has had her Breville for like 3 or 4 years and it serves her well. I say but it.

This is a great product. There are some reviews that say the blender seal will get shredded and end up in your food, or that it leaks. Those reviews I can safely say were posted by people who
1) Did not read the instruction manual. They include that for a reason
2) If it chewed up their seal its because they didn't put it in correctly. The seal goes on the blade and not the bottom of the pitcher. You screw the blade back with the seal attached to it.
3) If it leaks its because you didn't tighten the blade enough or you screwed up putting the seal. The blender comes with a great tool to remove the blade and this same tool even though it says not to use it to tighten the blade I would recommend you do. You tighten the blade with your hand and then use the tool to make it snug. I turn it about an 8th of a turn and its ready to go.

Listen just take your time putting it back together after you wash it. Come on its only 2 parts that you have to join together.

Once I buy my own house I'll get the Breville juicer. Right now my tiny kitchen in my apt. doesn't have the counter space for that sweet machine."

March 4, 2012

Excellent for this time.

"i have this product for a month, and its works very well, low noise, awesome and powerful blend despite the only 2 velocities,it works for all kind of food, the jar's pouring is Solid, no more stick food in the low part of the jar and its easy to clean. Wonderful.
AND, as always for the newest models, an excellent and quality design."

August 4, 2011


"I purchased my blender in November 2009. I use this blender 3-4 times a week, sometimes twice a day to make fruit smoothies. I always start with crushed ice from my refrigerator ice dispenser and frozen fruit, blueberries and /or strawberries - the blender has easily crushed the ice and fruit every time. Before purchasing this blender I would burn out a blender or smoothie machine once a year. With this blender I can choose the consistency of the smoothie - I have made them thick like a milk shake, sometimes very thin like the bottled smoothies you can purchase at the store, except my version is much more healthier, since I always ad a scoop of protein and organic ground flax seed. Since I purchased this blender my husband says he has yet to purchase a smoothie that compares to the ones I make with this blender.

I now own 5 Breville products.... Keep up the good work!

June 30, 2011


"Just received my blender. Read all the reviews and this looked to be the best value. It really is. Built like a tank. It's a beautiful machine. Should last forever. Already made the best smoothie ever for me, a perfect margarita for my wife and great snow cones for my son. Don't hesitate. Get one."

January 7, 2011

Solid Buy

"I've had mine for about a year and it is used almost every day.
A perfect combination of form and functionality.
The extremely confident motor can turn ice into snow.
The smoothie button/program is ingenious.
I was worried at first that the jar would quickly become unsightly with scratches but it remains surprisingly clear.
A very satisfying purchase.
Keep up the excellent marriage between design and engineering and I will buy your entire line of products.

November 5, 2010

Top notch Blender!

"I upgraded to this blender about 2 months ago and I love it! As a raw foodist, I needed a high power blender this does the job indeed! Its quiet, durable, and looks very nice on the counter top! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a Vita mix, Breville is all you need!



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